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I am just stating out and am interested in small apartment complexes.  I am considering purchasing a small apartment home study course produced by Lance Edwards.  I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this program.  Any insight would be more than welcome and I would love to hear any suggestions that anyone has related to alternatives.  

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Ryan McLean

I think Lance is legit and his book BMSA is pretty good.   Not sure home-study course would get you much further. 

I would really recommend @Joe Fairless or Craig Haskell.  I believe Anthony Chara is legit as well.

Avoid the Lindhal training like the plague.

Ryan, I have attended Lance Edwards, Dave Lindal and Anthony Chara's introductory bootcamp events.  In my experience, Chara explains the sometimes complex apartment analysis the most clearly.

I'm looking for a partner to share the cost of Chara's 4-day apartment bootcamp. I attended his 1-day event yesterday (Saturday, February 6, 2016) and I want to attend one of his 2016 bootcamps.

Chara fully approves of two un-related people partnering up to split the cost of his 4-day bootcamp. Neither partner must attend the same bootcamp as the other. That is, you can attend a bootcamp in your city of choice and I can attend a bootcamp in my city of choice. Being able to split the cost is an accommodation that Chara allows. The cost is $598 per person--which is relatively inexpensive for four days of instruction plus deal analysis software--which itself is pretty cool.

If anyone's interested, please contact me off-board so we can work out the details.  See this page for Chara's 2016 bootcamp schedule.  As you can see, Ryan, Chara will be in Detroit in August 2016.

Attended a webinar yesterday from Mr. Edwards with presenter being Al Aiello (tax consultant) I have found out that Mr Aiello died in July 2015. See obit on Google. Pretty creeped out by this.

I did attend Anthony Chara's boot camp. It was far more realistic than, say, Dave Lindahl or Lance Edwards--who tend to portray buying apartment buildings as being as easy as falling off a log. After the boot camp, Anthony divided the attendees into groups within which we completed homework for six weeks, the results of which were discussed each following week. (Many in the groups didn't do the homework or quit altogether.) Anthony's techniques obviously work, but I'm not sure you couldn't learn the strategies (map out time to research, then research the metrics of the areas you wish to buy in, call local brokers, establish rapport, find apartment buildings at a fair price, go out and raise the money to purchase them, and manage your properties) from a book on Amazon such as "The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings." In fact, NONE of these workshop leaders tell you anything you couldn't get from a good book for a fraction of the cost or right here for free at Bigger Pockets.

In fact, further to my post above, and directly to the right of this page is an announcement about a webinar tomorrow, "Using Duplexes, Triplexes, and Fourplexes to Find Financial Freedom."  

Lance Edwards is coming to the DC area next least his "Buying Small Apartments" presentation is...not sure if he actually attends or not

I'm a bit curious and if I have the time, I might go to one of the Columbia, MD, events. It's for two hours, how bad could it be?

Wondered if Edward's webinar was live too but he read and answered my question so live it is.  Still not sure if his program is for me, will check out Chara's material as well.