Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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Just a quick plug, as I feel like I'm a bit late to the show on this one. Currently I am reading Rich Dad Poor Dad. I have spent my three day weekend, squeezing this book in at every moment of free time. To ANYONE on this blog who has yet to read this book...Do it! One of the best time investments made yet!

Frank, we have our one rental fir about two years now. Looking to expand.

Ryan and Adam, thank you for the additional recommendation. I am sure I will end up reading that book as well! Matter of fact, I think I will be sure to buy it this week.

@Jason Woodard

Great shout-out for RDPD!  If I can add a few I wish I would have read right after it, here they are (in order):

  • Cashflow Quadrant - Kiyosaki
  • The ABCs of Real Estate Investing - McElroy
  • Trump Strategies for Real Estate - Ross

Has anyone read Midas Touch or any other Kiyosaki books that were helpful?

Best of luck.

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