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I used to invest in real estate before the market fell apart in the mid-late 2000s and am now looking to come back but doing rehab/flips. Ive seen tons of info and classes etc out there and am looking for advice from those who have been doing this and know the field. I have seen Than Merrills program, Phil P from Freedom Mentor but when I read info on this site about some of them I hear bad things. Im not looking to jump into some expensive sales gimmick. I am looking for sound info without being robbed to get it. Any good books, short courses, websites etc. I am attending the 3 day Than Merrill course and understand I will get hit with a big pitch but heard on this site that I will get alot of info to help me going forward as I am a somewhat newbie since in the past I bought and held/rented out then resold or did 1031 exchanges/owner occ deals. Thank you in advance for your time :)

@Amy Powell Why are you even taking the 3 day course. You already have some experience. You've already located this site which is great. Why not just reach out to other flippers / investors in your area (see if there is a group that meets). Reach out here with specific questions. Find an investor friendly Realtor and start looking. I am a flipper in Colorado and do all of those things - but have never paid for anything except the annual membership for my REIN group and as a Pro member here...

you for sure do not need the 3 day, but you can go and will learn a few things,please do not pay for anymore courses,just get out and learn your market

Good luck @Amy Powell

Flipping is so different that I really wanted more info. Buying and holding I wasnt looking for deals, I just bought properties in areas where there were bubbles beginning and bought new construction, selling at a profit when they were finally built. This time I will not be coming in with the same finances. I asked 2 of my old RE agents and they felt flipping/rehab to be a risky venture and ended it there so felt I needed much more info than that. I looked for RE club in my area but found none in Northern NV only down South. Thx

Amy, you are going to get hit with a huge sales pitch throughout the 3 day event that you will be attending, I know from experience.  Do not be tempted with false promises of easy financing, or access to "my network" of deals and lenders.  That being said, there will be some good basic info and concepts provided as well.  These same concepts are available in a variety of RE books on investing.  

I went to a 3 day seminar a long time ago and took some of those concepts and have tried to build upon them.  I recommend attending local meet-ups and getting out and knowing your market.  

You don't need any gurus or paid seminars/coaching to start. Simply find a local investor who flips 20 to 30 flips and JV deals 50/50 with them to learn. Two things you can do to add value... Either find deals or find money.

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