Anyone heard of Tim Mai's Course or Chris Chico's Virtual Wholesaling???

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Tim Mai's course focuses on investors finding buyers for other wholesalers and getting a set fee or percentage of profits for doing so. By using his magical flex option you can get paid for bringing the wholesaler a buyer that they wouldn't have had w/out you. Chis Chico's Virtual Wholesaling course focuses on doing wholesaling all across the country by doing everything online...

Has anyone tried one or both of these courses or heard anything about them???

Tim Mai's course is great! The production of it is kind of ugly, but the content is solid. It covers wholesaling from many different angles including Subject-To deals, handling conventional buyers, and even getting paid to bring landlords new tenants (your unqualified buyers). Its a strong course. I also recommend Preston Ely's Probates by Preston and his E-Book.

Preston's eBooks are incredible... I have wanted to learn more about Virtual Wholesaling, but don't have the $$ to get the programs! :(

Tim Mai will spam you to death. He is just repackaging programs that have been around for years. Nothing new.

I don't know Heather...

Tim Mai was the first person I ever heard about doing flex options (the derivatives market for RE).

I learned a ton from that guy...

And he had some pretty nice spreadsheet lists that got me off to a good start..

Like every hotdog or slice of bacon (no matter how bad it may be) there's a little nutrition in every little piece...

Renae, shoot me an email. I've got tons of stuff you can use (old personal notes and materials) from SELF teaching on RE...

I won't sent you copywrited materials, but you can have access to 4GB of my "library" from my early days of investing.


I've got Cris Chico's/Chris Daigle's Virtual Wholesaling course if you'd like it. Send me an email if you want it.

Some states are different than others, but from what I saw (granted a few years ago) the process was basic brokering. Bring buyers and sellers together for a set fee, no contract of course, but conceptually was a commission-like system. I only know about him because one of his "brokers" (students?) had a really botched (and unenforceable) contract that eventually landed the owner in foreclosure.

Kelly Harper do you still have cris chico virtual wholesaling

I would mind copy if you still have it
: ' I've got Cris Chico's/Chris Daigle's Virtual Wholesaling course if you'd like it. Send me an email if you want it.'

send me email or pm

All this stuff sounds cool till you do a few deals and get to meet the your states real estate division.

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Jeff have you bought any real estate courses from any of these so called gurus??? If so have any worked for you?

Kelly Harper,

Can I get a copy of the Chris Chico's program? If u can please email me or pm me.



I've got Cris Chico's/Chris Daigle's Virtual Wholesaling course if you'd like it. Send me an email if you want it.

Shon,Kelly can I also get a copy of both,thanks,please send a colleague request,I cant thanks again

Guys - this thread isn't the place for trading courses, it is for discussing the materials offered by the individuals mentioned in the discussion title. Thank you.

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Originally posted by Bill Gulley:
Hi, great idea Josh, where would you post courses for sale, trade and to loan? Bill

In the Classifieds forum.

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Hi, I met a guy at a RE training seminar here in L.A. a week ago, who started with wholesaling via Cris Chico's course. He said it was very good. He has since moved on to incorporate other avenues. also did a fair amount of due diligence myself on Cris and my take was that he is a solid guy, with a solid, integrated system. You just have to put your time in and DO what needs to be done. But, I don't think you can go wrong with Cris. You certainly would get a good foundation and some expereince. Best of luck.

Originally posted by Shelby Washington:
Jeff have you bought any real estate courses from any of these so called gurus??? If so have any worked for you?

Nope. If I want to know about real estate contracts, I contact an attorney. If I Need to find out about marketing, I contact people who do that well for a living..

I do not understand why people go to philosophers to get their science?

Some of these Wholesale GURU types have done 2 deals .... :)

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Unfortunately, in my search for valuable real estate investment information, I purchased both Tim Mai and Cris Chico's courses.

Both guys will overload your email box with invites to webinars that promote even more expensive products and services.

Their courses were not worth the price they charged for them.

A few months back, I had taken a state-approved real estate course to get my license and realized that some of the "suggestions" in their courses were illegal in my area!

Legitimate teachers don't encourage students to break the law.

That's why most of the guru's nowadays tell their students to have the contracts looked at by a real estate attorney in their respective states. To make sure the contract you're using is legal.

Courses, like tims or chicos all have basic agreements. The one thing that isn't consistent is that each state has its own set of laws.

For example.... Land Contracts, Private Money and Hard Money. I work both the Illinois and Indiana markets. In Indiana, neither party and discuss interest rates, payments, etc with each other, its gotta run through a 3rd party.

In Illinois, there are no such laws. Its Caveat Emptor.

Thats an example of why that is said..

Now about Tims material... I own it and love it. He is on a webinar w me Tuesday night.. If you want to see it demo'd let me know w a pm.