Lloyd Segal an honest man and great teacher.

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I went to this mans free meetup event knowing it would be a sales pitch. It was less a sales pitch than ANY up-sale meeting I had ever been to before and actually taught me a lot.  This was surprising as I have read many excellent books and been a real estate broker for 18 years.  And a very good one at that (selling 100+ listing personally a year plus having 20 agents who worked for me).  I am extremely anti-guru, thinking anyone dumb enough to spend $2,000 for real estate training that they can learn in books and on BiggerPockets is too stupid or too much a fool to ever be a flipper or landlord.

Granted with my background I new 80% of what he taught.  (For a new person it is the only teacher/guru I would ever recommend and the only value out there as far as I am concerned) What I didn't know was worth 100,000s of thousands of dollars over the next 20 years in this business and will pay for itself 20 fold on the first flip alone.  The cost was $395 for one day and you can repeat the course as many times as you like.  Their is no up-selling per say.  He did mention triwe he offers $1,000 a month mentoring but there is not much of any sales pitch.  It is 99.9% education and he moves fast and you can go back as many times as you want to get it all in at no extra cost.  The class ran from 9-6 and was stuffed with information.  I emailed him 11 times over the next day for word documents of contracts, checklists, and other forms and got everything I asked for at no cost beyond what I paid.  I supposed to be allowed to do this for 6 months.  I'm sure he probably pays someone hourly to respond to emails but who cares.  I let you know if this great response keeps up.  He may only be in CA, but I'm not sure.

This man is doing it the right way.  The $395 is obviously not worth it to this man as a members of his class went to a couple million dollar property he was currently flipping that was totally gutted. (He lets anyone who pays the $395 meet with him for one hour and these persons chose to meet him on site.).  I think he is using this as his networking tool figuring if he helps train people then many new people will come to him to split new deals though he NEVER mentions this.  He is definitely a long term thinker who understands that helping others helps himself.  He makes no promises except he will be there for you and people coming to the class multiple times back up the fact that he actually does it.  There are no "minders" at the class because there is no sales pitch!

The energy was AMAZING at this past Saturday's bootcamp!!! It was wonderful to be surround by such motivated and driven people of like mind. This is my fifth time attending the bootcamp. Each time I come I learn something new. Lloyd is fabulous at what he does. He keeps us entertained by the way he presents the information and engages the group. The information he shares with us is worth so much more than the $595 he charges. He gives you this workbook that will make your jaw drop when you see how much valuable and attainable information is within it. You have so many options, you don't know where to begin. I know if I met Lloyd 5 years ago, I'd be a MILLIONAIRE by now. I'm a general contractor and interior designer and even though I have a close connection to this industry, the information is not readily available on how to obtain investments properties in the non-traditional way. Lloyd makes it easy to figure out .