HELP! I spent so much money on a Real estate seminar

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I Spent 40,000 dollars on Chad Chinquy Real estate find, fund and flip seminar, I know I shouldn't of spent the money, They aren't doing what they promise. I tried to talk to a attorney but they don't sound like they can help. Is there anything I can do to get my money back?  

Very sorry to hear, always go with your gut instinct. I'd keep calling attorneys until you find one willing to help. Wishing you success in getting your money back! I hope it doesn't turned into a $40k learning lesson.

Until you can find an attorney who is willing to handle your case, make it your mission to become a thorn on their side. Letting everyone on BP know, is a good start. Make sure to report them to the Rip-off Report site, the Better Business Buerau, and any other site that help consumers. Spread the negative word of mouth. Who knows, maybe it will help to get a response from them.

@Tony H Truong   never heard of these guys.. and I know most of them some personally.

What is it exactly that they promised that they are not doing.

from my experience people in Real estate that pay for training or get it for free have totally unrealistic expectations of how hard this industry really is.. and that most of the paid training gives you information to implement but if you can't get a deal in 10 minutes its the educators fault..  Now if you could not afford this in the first place.. then that is your bad.

Its no different than a car salesmen selling you a car for twice as much as you wanted to spend.. you just need to say no .

But again tell us exactly what they promised and why you think they are not delivering.

I'm not a big fan of spreading negative information, especially since I do not know the other side of the story.  But if you are thinking of going down that path, I advise letting them know that that is what you are going to do.  It gives them one last opportunity to make it right.  Once you start spreading bad news there is no real incentive for them to cooperate with you.  You can't un ring the bell.