Please help $41,000 paid to a guru company to be refunded !

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Hi to all investors out there, hope you have any advise or resource to help me out.

About 3 weeks ago I paid about $41,000 to a real estate investing company. After I have paid, their attitude and responsibility promised to me changed totally. Slowly I lost my trust on them, so decided to go ahead and ask for a refund.

after a couple of phone calls they only agreed and only refunded me $14,500 and will further refund my $4,500 if I sign their refund agreement ( I guess they are trying to get me sign and agree those are the amount I agree to be refunded and I can't take any other further action to ask more refund), I said I have to call you back. The only reason they holding strongly to argue with me for not willing to refund the most of the amount paid is that I have signed the contract ! They have so smoothly get me to sign a piece of agreement paper, without making it clear that was a " contract" I signed.

Please, do you have any advise or resource that can help me get most portion of the money back?

any suggestion or advise is greatly appreciated !

OMG! Debbie why did you do that?? There is so much out there instructing people NOT TO FALL FOR THE GURU B.S! I pray you get all of your money back.  Big companies use reality t.v. stars to con innocent people. Please keep us posted! Stay on BP! Meet investors and get educted through experiences. That is the best way!  When it seems too good to be usually is! Keep that in mind! Best of luck!

How will an attorney help? It will just cost more money. You signed a contract. Unless you prove they faked your signature, I don't see what an attorney can do. These scammers have expensive attorneys on their end writing tight contracts. They know they are going to have tons of pissed of customers (victims) and know how to protect themselves. Just like timeshares. Once you sign, you have no real recourse after the 3 day period.  Unless the contract promises refund, you are stuck. Did you pay it all up front? If not, you could stop paying them any more. IF you paid it up front, I am sorry. Maybe take what the offer back and consider the loss your education. You have now learned to read contracts before signing them, a good skill to have!

So sorry! This is an outrage! I hope that you can get a lawyer involved right away ang get this cleared up. 

Please let us know who this is so that we can spread the word on this. 

If there is anything we can do just ask. 

They don't want to pay for an attorney any more than you do but as the others have suggested I would get with an attorney ASAP and have them get a nice little, certified letter out the door.  Just letting the company know you are serious about getting your money back, especially if they haven't performed, likely goes a long way to helping get this resolved.  Best of luck!

All those that posted to get a lawyer I understand that knew jerk reaction however that is just spending more money than its worth a lawyer could end up costing her more than she could get back... there are no attorney fee provisions in the contracts. And when and if ( and it never would ) got in front of a trier of fact   the fact is she signed a contract.

same as closing on a property then 7 days later saying hey it is not what I wanted give me my money back.

The best course in this matter is to listen to what @Ryan Mullin

 suggested.. Guru's do not like negative Internet publicity that is their only weakness.

The Guru would love you to get a Lawyer then they know they have you.. as you will be reluctant to spend what it takes and your lawyer is not taking this pro bono or could care less about the situation they are just paid to work on a file once they stopped getting paid that's the end of it.


Sorry to hear it!!

How did you pay them? I.E. Credit card,  bank check, etc??

Try the State of Illinois Attorney General and the you local consumer affairs department.

Also , I'm curious, what or how did they change. It's common for a salesperson to over promise and the company under deliver. No doubt, there must be some buyer remorse, after seeing the gurus system. 

I hope you share the gurus name. It is criminal to charge so much.

Disclosure: I was a student with the comapny

Thank you to all above comments, I really appreciated !

Yes I do thinking of getting a attorney to get involved, but just like what @Anish Tolia said "get a nice little, certified letter out the door. Just letting the company know you are serious about getting your money back" .....I am really stuck in between !

the biggest mistake at that time was they asked me to "sign here" without really making it clear to me that was a "contract" I signed! 

Excuse me for not reveal which company as yet, as for the time being I don't want to make it more difficult to get money refunded, but I promise I will as soon as this has been resolved. 

I definitely will file for a dispute from 3 different credit card companies that I used to pay, any thought about this method?

@Debbie Lee  how did you pay them?  If by credit card you maybe able to dispute transaction(s) with credit card company. If by other forms it will be a little harder.  In the future please make sure you read everything before you sign it.

@Debbie Lee

You presumably signed a contract. If you don't understand what you signed, you should seek legal counsel...not the advice of those who have not read your agreement and therefore have no idea what your obligations are under such an agreement.

Disclosure: i was a student with the comapny

@Dave Fontana They taught us how to ask for a raised credit limit from our existing credit card company, and also show us websites how to open up more new credit cards to get up to $40,000 to pay them almost immediately.

and thank you so much for the advise: Try the State of Illinois Attorney General and the you local consumer affairs department. I think these are great to try out!

what or how did they change? I have been assigned 2 consultants to get me pay the total of $41,000.  The 1st consultant got my deposit $4,500 soon after 5 days she left the company! no where to be found, I was devastated ! A very strong remorse feeling of being betrayed!

So,  on the spot ( same day) they send me another consultant, do you think he can do the  talk ? you bet! he was with me every minute on the phone for a few days as I took it out on him saying how much I don't trust the company. So, he had the patient and TIME to explain everything to me, and promised so well for whatever I asked, ( like: how to payback the monthly payment on several cardsI used, I needed to be guided step by step...etc)  he even offer to call me over the weekend ! and guess what as soon as I paid him the balance of about $35,000 He was VERY HARD to be found! I sent a simple text have to wait for 5 days to replied. When he finally replied he said " please understand I am a single father with 3 kids, I have a real estate business to run too, please do not text me day and night...etc!

I WAS FURIOUS! all the sudden after I paid him the money he is very busy !

I called up the customer service tried to reach to the higher management, but again waited another 1 week, no one called, but another sales guy called to ask if I am interested to pay another $15,000 for "a inner circle" training !

The lady from customer service was helpful though, she could not be more agreed with my mis-treatment, she end up given me the " one on one coach training up to a year for free" as she said this service will cost $15,000 too! ( well, now I think of it.... I really doubt what to believe?)

a couple days after this, I just did not have any trust left with the company ! It is hard to work with someone without the trust, even if I tried and tried ! So I called to ask for refund !

Again, I will share the guru name most definitely, but at the meantime please bare with me when trying all I can to resolve the best way I can !

@Debbie Lee

  RR has a lot of effect much like BP when you now google that company the RR goes to the top of the page that's a very powerful reporting site.

@Guy Gimenez

  Guy highly doubt the guru's have a attorney provision clause in their contract since they wrote it.  LOL.... this person will be responsible for their own attorney fee's which could be far more than what they will lose and will just double the loss.. As you can't then pay your attorney then call them back 1 month later and say I want my money back because you did not get me all my money back like everyone on BP said you could... LOL...

@Jay Hinrichs

Guru's don't get wealthy by leaving loopholes. That was my point. She is asking for advice from folks who have no idea what she signed...and apparently she is unsure what she signed. She needs to have an attorney look at the contract and not waste valuable time seeking advice on this forum as no one here can offer anything of value, except what has already been legal counsel.

Sad state of affairs, but as I've said many times before...for every dollar you make, there are at least 3 people willing to take it from you if you'll allow it. This will certainly be yet another teachable moment. 

Consider paying a small fee to an attorney for a "Demand Letter." 

Further, have the firm look over your contract and provide legal advice.

If you in fact do have a case, negotiate a compensation package with the attorney  that'll give them a portion of the monies they collect. This way, they'll have more reason to fight for you.

Good luck!

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