Investor Summit at Sea

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I listen to The Real Estate Guys podcast (Sorry BP I moonlight on ya! ;), they promote the Investor Summit at Sea. Has anybody gone on this before? Speakers for 2016 include Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Hopkins, and Edward Griffin. 

Just curious anybody has gone before or heard good/bad about it? It's scheduled during my 40th birthday so it could be a fun way to mark a milestone. Thoughts?

Originally posted by @Shiloh Lundahl :

@Jason Clark and @Kirsten Ostby  did either of you go to any of the investor summit at sea? I am very interested in attending one of these and would like to hear some feedback.

 Hi Shiloh, No I did not go. One of these days I hope to do something fun like that but life keeps getting in the way. Thanks for asking. If you ever go post here and let us know how it was. 

@Brandon Miles I am planning on going next year! In my opinion, The Real Estate Guys’ education stuff has been very legit. I went to their Create Your Future Goals retreat earlier this year and it was fabulous! ‘Tons of smart and successful investors involved with them!