Generating Leads by having a website

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I've been reading about lead generating websites and SEO and PPC campaigns. Can one expect success by just creating a website through Lead Propeller for example, and paying the monthly $49? Or is there more that has to be done to get my website to generate the number of leads that will result in deals? Can someone explain how SEO relates to this question? How much more can I expect to spend on the other components of finding leads through a website? How does PPC campaign work into something like Lead Propeller?

I am very curious in this topic as well. I know you if you are going to generate leads you should have. A customer relationship management software.

I currently work in finance at an automotive store, prior to this I worked in sales here and our CRM was vital to my success! I was able to manage my follow up. Based off my conversations with other investors it will take several attempts to contact some of the prospects until you will actually hear from the prospect. A CRM will keep it organized. I am looking into Insightly now. Cost is about 49 per month.

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