Students not happy with 'Flip or Flop' stars

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Someone at my work was contemplating going to one of these.  I snatched it, said it was garbage and... tossed it in the garbage.

its the Utah back end marketing companies.. I have met with the owners of premier when they were premier and seen there set up live.. its a HUGE money business.... and all about up sell.

the TV personalities are no different than say other celebs that lend their names to products.

especially in the wine business.. they don't own the wineries they just lend there name and make a rake on each bottle sold.

I suspect El Moussa's make north of 5 million a year lending their name.. and you can see the marketing company makes a bundle.. when I met with premier the guy mentioned in this article he was busy getting ready to go to france for a year as his daughter wanted to study there LOL.

These education systems are steeped in MLM roots.. same methodology.. tug at your heartstrings talk about doing it for your family.. how you DESERVE to be wealthy blah blah

What is truly sad is you can learn everything they allegedly teach you for $27,000 absolutely free at a local real estate club meeting.It may take longer but,you can do it.

Dear BP members:

If you need help learning the basics of fix and flip real estate, please keep reading this website.  Ask lots of questions and this wonderful community will help you increase your knowledge base.

If you have a few thousand extra dollars and need help learning how to transact real estate, maximize your margins and secure the best financing available, then hire a Realtor with experience in trades and investment.  Ask lots of questions and learn all you can.

If you have a few thousand more dollars and need help learning how to do the literal nuts-and-bolts of home repair, then hire a contractor who is articulate, patient, and willing to mentor you.  Show up every day, ask lots of questions, and get your hands dirty.

Sometimes the best way to learn how to do something is to simply do it.

I went to the seminar mentioned above with my father. They sold him on the idea. He only paid $5000 but it was a waste. Their program showed us nothing. The only reason he bought it was because they assured us that if we found a deal there would be finance.... We found several good deals and every time we couldn't get the time of day from them. Lots of promises and ???? We are experienced contractors and we have done Flips and buy and hold in the past. Looks like we will have to go at it by ourselves.


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