Organizing all your notes from podcasts, books etc? Best way?

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Hi everyone!


I was just wondering what people have found to be the best way to organize all the notes, ideas, rules, strategies etc. that you have learned about from all the podcasts and books so you can refer back to them? I have read a lot of books and have been keeping notes on a Google sheets. I have a few tabs (General RE), (MHP) mobile home park, (Rehab). I keep them in Google sheets so when I'm driving and listening to a podcast and hear something I can just hit the mic and speech to text a note in google sheets. It also makes my notes accessible on other devices. In the spreadsheets I have 1 column (Item) & another (Info). The item column is a few word description of the note and the INFO column is the information. I then organize by the Item column and do a (find) if I want to locate info. Once get a lot of my handwritten notes entered into this spreadsheet I'd be more then happy to post a copy. 

I find that my brain can only hold so much info and I'm just wasting my time if I cannot go back to and recall the major points in a book or podcast. Many times I will also just listen to the 30 or 60 min cliff notes on a book to save time as I do find myself in the analysis paralysis situation at times and need to take action more often.

I also use Evernote if I want to save full articles, and have notebooks for Markets, Rehab, General notes, Property Search. It's a great place to store pictures of homes you are looking at. 

Thanks and look forward to improving my real estate business and making it as efficient as possible!

Ryan Plesz

@Ryan Plesz
I use Evernote and follow the GTD (getting things done strategy) which you can google but you tag everything by who what when and where etc

So you could have tag things for MHP and another tag for marketing or research and when tag is when you want it done or if complete g”file it”

You have less folders and use mostly tags as it is much easier to sort and search in this manner

Keeps me very organized and be happy to discuss to a screen share to show you

Old school, dry erases board has always been my go to for organizing ideas and thoughts.

Thanks Chris, I will definitely look into the GTD Strategy.
Hi Tony, I agree the white board is an excellent way to organize ideas. Thanks

I use google docs but good tip on the speech to text to add additional notes. I'll give that a try. 

Ditto for Evernote, you can tag each note, organize by notebook and makes all of your notes searchable!  You can then share them with people if you need to, or grant people access to certain notebooks.  It makes your notes accessible from phone, tablet computer or other mobile devices.  This is by far the best way that I have found to take notes and reference them later quickly.  As @Chris Seveney states also works well for GTD setup!

Hope this helps.

Jeff V

Evernote. I️ use it for book summaries, to do lists, saving articles with notes, phone call notes, shopping lists, trip summaries. It can be a one-stop shop for saving notes. I’ve gotten away from writing things down. I’d rather transcribe it into Evernote and then ditch the paper later. No clutter.

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