DC Fawcett/Karen Hanover Commercial Goldrush Trip Report

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Karen Hanover/DC Fawcett Commercial Goldrush Event Report

Karen Hanover and DC Fawcett clearly gave of themselves the entire time of the event. Karen presented most of the material and made herself available during breaks, lunch and evenings for specific questions which must have been exhausting for her.

Overall I feel well positioned to pursue commercial real estate opportunities. I have the knowledge to identify a value play, negotiate with a seller and/or broker and offer creative deal structuring to provide a no-money-down strategy.

The Good:

The knowledge and expertise of both speakers was extensive. I felt Karen Hanover especially wanted everyone in the audience to be successful in commercial real estate and repeatedly encouraged everyone to “do a dealâ€. She spoke from her heart and shared her level of tolerance when analyzing a deal.

DC Fawcett is a wealth of information on marketing, lead sourcing and structuring your marketing program to find sellers and buyers. His experience came through as to what is successful and what isn’t when executing a marketing campaign.

The event was overall punctual; the staff was attentive and always available to answer logistic questions.

The Bad:

Nearly 8 hours of the event was filled with other “guru’s†trying to sell their $2,000 - $6,000 programs. This showed a complete disrespect for my time and violated the professional definition of an educational “seminarâ€. Experiencing this makes me wary of attending any seminar in the future.

This extra day of my life took me away from my children, my business, and added extra traveling expenses which were significant. It took valuable time away from what I thought I paid for: learning commercial real estate. This seminar wasn’t cheap, and I expected 4 days of learning the content promised to me. Instead, I received 3 days of content and 1 day of super salesmen utilizing the “hard sell†to promote their products.

Seminars are good venues for offering complementary products due to the audience. Often those companies either have booths off to the side or will sponsor free lunches to the audience where the sponsor then has a chance to mention something about their products. The approach used by Karen and DC crossed the boundaries of respect towards their audience and gives “real estate seminars†a bad name.

Unfortunately for people like me, this business model works. Sales were made and kickbacks were most likely paid to DC Fawcet and Karen Hanover.

I have attended other real estate seminars that contain real information with valuable content. I know not every “guru†deceives their audience like I experienced with the Commercial Foreclosure Goldrush event.

In Summary:

The seminar content was good and I will continue to utilize the services promised to me by Karen Hanover and DC Fawcett. Hopefully Karen Hanover is new enough to educating that she will raise the bar by creating ethical seminars in the future. She doesn’t need to use these tactics to make money and hopefully she will soon recognize that having the respect of her students is more important than kickbacks provided from other guru’s. I get the impression that DC Fawcett has done this for a long time and most likely will continue to use this format.

Thanks for the great review of your experiences. My recommendations are to avoid realtors and guru courses as a rule of thumb. Many like both, so have a different opinion. We are celebrating the 4th of July of our independence from England. We have the right to our separate opinions thanks to the many veterans who have died to give us that right. Give any veterans the respect they deserve and when the colors pass by - don't let the veteran in a wheel chair be the only one on his feet or with his hat off and hand across the heart!

Hope you save your money for investing instead of allowing the guru to have it in the future! Best of Luck in all your investing!

Hi Jean,

You might want to do a search on both of these gurus. I just did a quick search and their are several threads talking about their programs.

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My $.02 on gurus.
"When did you do your last deal?"
That's an important question.
Education is a business of itself.
You can be a master of selling education, but with our fast changing market, your information may no longer pertain to the present marketplace.

So if you just did 2 deals this month And you are a guru selling a product to teach me how then I'm all ears :)


This is a very good non-biased summary of the event you attended. As for the negatives and the hard sell, I have seen that at many of the guru's seminars. That is one of the main reasons I don't attend them because they are always upselling.

Great breakdown of the event! Thanks for the info.

Please keep us informed on how you have moved forward with the education you gained, and how it has assisted in your personal success.

I certainly appreciate your point of view and hope for all the best in your endeavors. However, I have a different way of looking at it. I don't have a problem with these gurus selling their products. After all, you are there to learn how to buy and SELL real estate, correct? So you want to learn how to sell but you are upset when they..., well, try to sell you something? Is it the hard sell or the price you have a problem with? If the programs were $5 each would you have the same opinion?

I'm not trying to be critical but my point is you have to be willing to spend money on your education. People spend ten's of thousands of dollars on a college education and all that gets you is a better J.O.B. Which is fine if that's what you are seeking but they don't teach this stuff in school. I would imagine you are there to find another way to make money or why else be there?

I just got back from a seminar today where I spent a little under $1000 to attend. I had the intention of buying another program if I felt it would help me in my business. Why? Because it increased my real estate investment IQ and it gave me a great way to manage my time so I can do the other things it takes to find property and close deals. Real estate investing is a business and you need to treat it that way or you won't make a dime.

Now you can learn all this information these guru's teach for free on your own. You will need to spend some time learning about real estate law, commercial lending guidelines, title and escrow policy and procedures, real estate negotiations, property evaluation, auditing financial material, researching market data, real estate contracts, due diligence, communication skills. Its all really not that hard but it takes time to learn. If you have more time than money then forget about the guru seminars and go out and find mentors in your area that invest in the types of property you want to get involved in. You can try asking them to spend time with you and teach you. Maybe you can do little real estate related jobs for him to save his time in exchange for the knowledge?

So you can do that or you can invest a few thousand dollars in your real estate investment business. Your choice. Just don't give up and all the best.

Thanks Jean for your feedback of their seminar. You sound positioned to make the most of your knowledge! I listened to one of their webinars and it seems like they have some different takes on things. Unfortunately, I have been getting at least one sometimes two webinar invites a week. They also email you several times that day to make sure you don't forget. I believe they have good information but I can't have my email inundated with their next greatest webinars and I don't have the time to listen so I have opted out until I have the bandwidth to absorb more.
Good luck with your investing!


Please research On Karen Hanover before you join in, all promises and take your money and you wont get any thing. Its great we have these sites to post and sher info and I am not just a sour person that was done wrong but many people like me are out there. She releases press about herself and tags them with Scam so when you research her you think Scam is part of the advertising and is all good. please read this blog and email me if you need more info. I will put you with other students that are out of their money and are bringing legal actions as well.

Hi, I have seen several comments about the cost of some guru course and the cost of college. There is absolutely no comparison whatso ever. The guru course is extermely limited in it's scope and specific to a small fargment in the business world. College, including graduate schools, gives you a basic higher education and teaches one to think in much braoder terms. If you don't make it in real estate, say due to an accident or something and you can't get around to do real estate, what can you tell another employer, that I bought a real estate guru course and understood it? Or, will the college degree be better to fall back on? It's obvious.

Guru courses IMO might compare to two classes in college, so if you look at the cost of two classes vs. guru crap, you'll probably find the guru program is extremely over priced. No comparison at all.

I'm not sure why the attacks on Karen Hanover - DC Fawcett seemed more comfortable hosting his associate guru's. I posted an unbiased report - there was some good and some frustrations.

Any fast-track students have anything to report? I prefer to hear from those having direct experience with either Karen Hanover or DC Fawcett.

Thanks! Jean

DC Fawcetts plan, Virtual Short Sale Investing.
I am working with a couple of real estate investment groups that are basically doing the same thing as DC Fawcett; [SOLICITATION REMOVED]

I would highly suggest that you stay away from the DC Fawcett program. I purchased his program from a webinar that stated a 60 day refund policy. It took 2 weeks to receive the package so that left 45 days to review everything. There are two binders and 2 cases of DVD's in this package. The Binders have seals on them, which if you remove you cannot return the product. There is NO written return policy anywhere in the package, not even a receipt for your payment! Reading the material is difficult when you have to be careful to not remove the seals or damage the paper. I called to request an RMA and return address. They told me that I had to attend the 4 day boot camp in tampa where everythign would be clearly explained and if I wasn't satisfied then, I could return the product. I attended. All it was, was a 4 day "flog your product" event by ever self professed guru out there. All of it was stuff you can easily find with an internet seach. There were several "processes" in the investment process that are borderline illegal, and as a licensed realtor, I prefer to follow what is ethical. I could not it good concience have a seller in a foreclosure/shortsale situation forced to vacate their premises and then I put a renter in there and keep the proceeds, actually hoping the foreclosure takes 2 years to complete or doesn't at all. On properties $500,000 and up, rents would be in teh $2,000 per month range and higher. Whether you complete the short sale or not is irrelevant, you end up making $24,000 or more per year! Money that should have gone to the seller! The monday following the boot camp, I called and asked to return my product. After 2 weeks of rude e-mails back and forth, they refused to refund my purchase or give me a return address. There is NO help unless you pay the $8900 for a 6 month "coaching" program. Well let me tell you about the coaches. I met a guy there that was nothing but a washed up loan officer living out of his car. I know him personally. He told me he was a "coach" for DC Fawcett. I laughed and told him " hey i can learn to live out of my car for free, i don't need to pay you $8900. But that was no joke. He was going to be coaching for DC Fawcett!! He's never completed a real estate deal in his life, never owned a home. I met with one of the "coaches" just to see what the deal is. The deal is, you pya $8900 to be strung a line of BS. I've been a realtor for years and knew full well what this idiot was telling me was all BS. I met several people there who HAD paid the $8900 and still had not done a deal. They couldnt' get their money back because there is NO guarantee unless you can prove you've done a deal. Seems a little twisted doesn't it? Of course DC Fawcett is successful, he sells 200 packages at $1000 bucks that's what? $200,000 right there isn't it? Who cares if people complain about the quality of the product. I finally took my complaint to the Credit Card Company...it took the Fawcett team 2.5 months to reply and then they lied and said I hadn't submitted proof that I'd used the product. Well if you use the product, you have to break the seals and then you can't return it anyhow!

The old addage...those that can do, those that cant' teach is true in the case of these Guru's. Find a well experienced good realtor, they will be able to teach you more than these idiots will, and they if they have any ethics, they won't have you breaking laws and driving people out of their homes so you can profit! Thats just disgusting!

I am reporting DC Fawcett to FREC (Floreida Real Estate Commisison) let the law deal with him.

Any loan modification company out there will do your loan mods for you. Do an online search for cash buyers, you'll find them easy enough too. Need a list of properties in Lis Pendens in your county? You dont' need to pay foreclosures daily for old worn out regurgitated leads, call your local realtor, they can get them for you at no cost.

All I can say is...where do you think these "guru's" learned this stuff? Either from other scam artists or from a realtor. Simple as that.

If anyone wants the DC Fawcett training program, email me. I'll sell it to you at half price...it's never been used, brand new in the original box.

You need a POF letter? Simple...do a search on the internet, type in POF letters, you'll find hundreds of sources, and some of these guys will actually buy your deal if it's good enough.

All you're doing for DC fawcett is "paying" him $997 plus $97 a month for the priveledge of being a bird dog. You dont' NEED his help for that.

He feeds on ROOKIES, people who haven't a clue about Real Estate. I see a comment on here touting "investors" who did a deal with an investor and lost their house in foreclosure. why? because they overpaid from the house they purchased from that investor and they paid that investor exceesive amounts to do minor improvements. Not exactly someone I'd be taking advice on who is successful or isn't.

success is being able to sleep at night and knowing you haven't screwed anyone over. At least THAT should be part of the goal. :D

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I think Ann makes a great point.

Everyone needs an experienced Realtor on their side. They also need a good Attorney, CPA, Title Company, and to make it all happen a great marketing system.

I suggest that everyone take a few Real Estate courses, especially legal so you understand at least the concept of the Real Estate laws in your state before you start doing mortgage assignments.

Knowing the Real Estate do's and don'ts can only keep you from making mistakes when marketing contracts for sale and not inserting the proper disclaimers.

Plus, you will have a better understanding of Real Estate in General.


I assume this is a report after the June bootcamp in Dallas. Jean was obviously more impressed than I. Given a number of issues relating to the said event, it appears that DC and Karen are no longer working together.