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I have read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and signed up for an initial coaching call where the coach is supposed to go over what they offer and how coaching can help me as an investor. I am unsure if I should go through with this and would like feedback. Has anyone gone through Rich Dad Coaching? If so, would you recommend it? How much was the tuition for the program?

I personally don’t recommend it. The content on here is free vs paying thousands for the coaching. You can either read the content on here for free or pay $4k + to have someone send you a pdf and tell you to read the content. They are some of the best salesman around though so don’t be afraid to tell them no.

I would start by reading the introduction to real estate articles here and subscribe to their podcasts. Reading through the different posts and conversations on here has taught me a lot.

I agree that paying thousands is not the best route to go when you have the full force of the internet and bigger pockets at your disposal. If the service they offered was truly valuable I cant help but think theyd keep the info to themselves or that everyone in the world would pursue it like we pursue university degree

David and Cody,

Thanks for the replies. I figured it was a scam and found other reviews about the astronomical cost here on Bigger Pockets after I posted. I did not go through with the coaching meeting. 

I really appreciate the help.

Disclosure: Student

Agreed with above. I've done some rich dad coaching and didn't find it as useful as the free info here. Secondly, I suggest finding a local mentor to meet with. It may cost you some lunches but that will take awhile to make it up to 4k. Thirdly, keep an open mind to other programs out there. I've done a mobile home investing course that I'll swear by all day. That was a smaller program and the coach is the person that answers the phone each time. Way better than the Rich Dad 'mentors' that they connect you with. I felt that was the biggest disappointment with their program because the mentors were located somewhere in NY, they never worked my market or my niche, didn't know my backround very well, etc.

That all being said, some of the coaching programs really pan out well and are right for the right people!


First post. I am so glad I found this place lot of awesome info and I've only been here a day. 

I signed up to the cash flow game on the rich dad site and got an email saying free coaching session so thought why not. Figured I'd give it a go and to be honest was expecting to be pushed into buying something at the end. 

Received the call answered a few questions before I was asked how much money I had available. 

I currently don't have anything available as it's all gone into our first investment. This was where the call ended and I was told to let them know when I'd have $2k available. 

My thoughts immediately "what happened to the free coaching session?" 

This led me to think all it was for was a money grab. And coming on here it's now confirmed. 

Many people on here have tried the coaching program and advised it's not much more perhaps no more than the info you can get from rich dad books or even info on here. 

Just thought I would add my two cents to this forum

Good luck Ryan

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