What is Dean Graziosi teaching?

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I have heard some great things about Dean’s philanthropy. Has anyone signed up for any of his courses? Particularly the Wholesaling. No idea what it costs, but curious what he is teaching. 

I see his ads all the time. Not sure what he’s teaching but I bet the cost isn’t worth it.

You can learn all that’s stuff on BP for free

So went ahead an bought the course, but my feedback for everyone... I was not a huge fan of it.  It seemed like it was just a bunch of ideas all thrown together and was not cohesive enough for me to go DIVE in with it. I ultimately returned the course and got my money back which was a breeze.  He also offered many other bonuses, discounts, and coaching to keep the course but I was already checked out at that point.  I loved his free content and remain a fan of his, but I feel like I am getting more solid info from BiggerPockets than I did going through his course. Moral of the story, stick with BiggerPockets lol 

Dean's bread and butter is now sales and marketing. He will tell you about how great of a profit opportunity the internet has provided in the ability to convince people to pay for information. Unfortunately, I have found that any time you need more than a few minutes to pitch a product (or more than 3 pages of marketing material), it is most likely a scenario in which more effort is going into convincing you of the product's value than has gone into generating value in the product. I believe marketing has its place, but once you start to see the pattern of internet marketing for products that aren't sold on marketplaces with real customer reviews, you will be able to identify the products to avoid.

For example, one of Dean's products was pitched via a faux webcast. I say "faux" because although it is clearly pre-recorded, visitors are directed to an interface that gives the impression of being able to ask questions that will be answered by those seen on-screen. Then the chat window is saturated by canned "this is great! where do I sign up?!" comments to give the illusion of a sea of eager consumers.

Millionaire Success Habits, on the other hand, is sold in book stores and is a great read. You'll find that Dean does very little marketing for this book. Instead, he leverages the book to market other products that may not pass the same 

Just my two cents.