David Corbaley's Command Lead System - any reviews?

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Has anyone used this system to 'turn your real estate business into a million dollar business in a year'? That was one of the web videos informercial claims. It looked to be basic internet marketing systems, SEO and such for generating wholesale seller leads. I'm skeptical but since the price was only $67 it might be worth checking out.

Hi Belinda. Why, yes, I have actually :)

The Commando Leads System is anything but a "basic internet marketing system".

Real estate is a local business, and one of my company's specialties is working with local businesses like doctors and dentists to market their business online.

What I've done is combine all of the cutting edge real estate online marketing strategies with local business online marketing strategies to create Commando Leads System. I don't believe you'll find anything like it out there in the RE space, and my students really love the system.

Send me a PM and I'll be glad to get you access to the system for review. I've sent you a colleague request.

I am interested in this system as well can you send me access for a review? Is this similar or better than the Chris Chico commando leads system?

I recently purchased this system and am currently implementing my google+ page and so far it has taught me things I did not know before, we will see I have come to learn with anything you get out of something what you put in. i will keep you posted as to the results from this system. I figured purchasing this system would point me in the right direction at least as far as online marketing goes and so far i have no complaints no leads yet but I like the info. Good luck

Thanks for the good words Marc. Theo, I do know that Chico shared my system with his students a while back. That's probably mine that you saw.

I still haven't had time to go through each topic fully but for the price there is some great content in here. Like any course, you need to take the information and focus on a few key areas that will work in your strategy. It's also a good kickstart program if you have no online marketing experience.

I'll post more feedback when I have time to revisit the program. Thanks Dave!

Disclosure: I'm an active RE investor.

Hi David:

I'd like to review the system, as well, if possible. thanks so much.

Disclosure: Paid DFY system customer.

The one thing that bothers me is there is no telephone contact. I and I am sure others would like to have a phone call from our investment as opposed to email contacts.

David I signed up I paid for the DFY system and still have not received a telephone call from your girl Rebecca.

I got all the emails for this and that but I still cannot access my G+account that DFY supposedly built or my Google Ad Words account to turn on my campaign.

Where are you people??

Robert Hernandez

Since I have asked BiggerPockets how to delete a previous post, with no answer as of yet. I have been asked by David Corbaley to mention in a new post that I do use the Done For You services for my website SEO and other marketing that I do think works. As with all things good, it does take some time to see actual results. For the money paid on the DFY program, yes it has worked.

Originally posted by @Robert Hernandez:

I have been asked by David Corbaley to mention in a new post...

Points for honesty!  :)

I purchased the course about a year ago.  The content is outstanding for sure, there is no argument there.  If you follow everything to a tee you are going to spend every second of your time working on SEO.  You really need to hire someone to do this for you.  This brings me to the DFY offering he provides.  

I couldn't help but think that David put so much great stuff in the course that it was impossible to do all of it by yourself.  Once you start getting the overwhelmed feeling he hits you with the Done For You service.  I actually thought it was a brilliant strategy on his part.

Might be worth hiring a VA and give them the course to do.

@Robert Hernandez

Hi Robert, I am in the process of purchasing the system right now. Is the DFY system the website they offer to do for you once you place your order? And you would say it works? Thank you.


I didn't quite understand your question there, it was a little fuzzy. But to say that the DFY (Commando System) system works. I am only in my 2nd month of using the system and as you should know, when it comes to SEO, Internet Marketing  etc.. it take time for all that marketing and SEO to render or process through the search engines. I was told abot 3 months before I will actually see results. Thus far DFY has built me a new website and added more pages to site for SEO purposes. As with anything you purchase for your business or personal, always negotiate what is yours or what rights you have retain items and what you are paying for. 

I hope this answer your question.

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Hi David, I recently buy DFY Commando system, but also the contact for support is not working, when I type the e mail to send a ticket I get an error that said it is an invalid e mail. Also I have not received a confirmation to my e mail for the purchase of the system.

I will like some clarification.

Thank you,

Manny G

Originally posted by @Manny Garcia:

Hi David, I recently buy DFY Commando system, but also the contact for support is not working, when I type the e mail to send a ticket I get an error that said it is an invalid e mail. Also I have not received a confirmation to my e mail for the purchase of the system.

I will like some clarification.

Thank you,

Manny G

 @Joshua Dorkin - Look at that...BP has now become a clearinghouse for guru tech support!  :-)

Interesting post... I recently received an email about this from one of the local REIA groups. I thought it was a local meeting about motivated seller marketing. Glad to be able to come here and find answers.

This thread is about a year old though. Are there any updated results from those who have tried the system?

@Manny Garcia @Robert Hernandez @Heather Medina @Scott Costello @Caren Goodman @Belinda Lopez @Theo Davis @Marc Pfleger

@Geode Pratt

I bought the Commando Lead system that cost about $50 when I bought it. It appears there are several different options that he offers now, so I’m not sure which one it is that I have. The one that I bought is basically a “SEO 101” course with different video modules on how to do on-page and off-page SEO. Since I built and update our website myself, I must say that the information on using WordPress was very helpful. My only concern would be that being several years old, some of the information might be outdated. For example, from what I can tell, the information he presents on obtaining backlinks looks like it is actually frowned upon by google now and can do more harm than good. I am by no means an expert, but that is what I can gather from reading information about that topic from other sources. But if you have no knowledge about building a website or SEO at all, I think it’s well worth the $50 (if that’s what it still costs). 

Has anyone recently used the Commando technique in 2015 and has worked with all the Google tech changes.  Also can you apply this technique on a free web site page created as a squeezr page to capture leads. Does this address lead generation and filtering via Zillow and Craigslist and such.

How can I get a free review on the product.

Disclosure: I am the owner

Just wanted to pop in here and leave a reply since this thread is still active. First, thanks everyone for the great comments!

We are constantly updating the leads system. A different member of my team is actually responsible for updating each of the different sections in the training, so YES, it is still very applicable in today's marketing environment!

Have a great one!


Interesting,....got an email about this today. Wondering if anyone has had results with this in 2015??

I can tell you about my experience with David Corbaley's company.  I was introduced to to the Commando system via a webinar.  He was selling his G2 Lead generating system, which in the webinar was "Area Specific" and you have to claim your Market  before it's gone.  From the webinar the G2 system includes a website, which is Search Engine Optimized, and a done for you google campaigns, which was promised when implemented this will put your website in the TOP half of the first search result page in Google.  I paid $997 for the system.  With a website I am always want to double check for any hosting fees they might charge.  So I asked a specific question about monthly fees during the webinar, "Is there ANY monthly charges for this system?"  and I received a "No" as an answer.  I would not have gotten the system if there are any hosting fees.   I don't want to get in a situation that after paying for a website and then be held hostage to have the site removed if I don't continuing paying the monthly hosting fee.  Usually, I can get an website build and host it myself for fraction of the hosting fee some of these type of company is charging.  During the check out process, there was a up-sell of $197 per month if you want the commando's team to manage the campaign for you to continue keeping it optimized for any changes, which I declined.  

Few weeks later I have received an email saying that my website is completed and up and running.  I then did a search on the keywords that should return my website on the top half of the search result page on Google, like "Sell my house fast Seattle" which was an example in the webinar.  My website was no where to be found in the first few pages.  I got an email saying that they are working on setting up the G2 lead generating system and will let me know when it's completed.

Forward 60 days, I have check the search results of and on every couple weeks or so, and the result is still the same, my website is no where to be found in the first few pages.  So I contacted their customer support via email.  This is where thing gets interesting, I found out from their customer support that there in fact is a monthly hosting fee of $47, which was news to me.  In addition, I checked the Google Adword account, in which they are suppose to setup the campaign in to move my website up in the search result and no campaign is setup at all.  After a few round of email going back and forth in regards to the monthly hosting fee and nothing was setup as promised, I was fed up going around circles and asked for my money back, which was denied because I have passed the 30 days refund period, and if I don't want to pay the monthly hosting fee, they will cancelled my website (holding my website hostage). 

So basically they have not done anything but lied to me, and now they won't refund my money because I discovered their lies too late (Pass their 30 days refund period).  Therefore I paid them $997 and received NOTHING back!!!  No website unless I pay the monthly fees and no campaign as promised.  

I really wanted this to work in my business, but after all have happened I am no longer feel comfortable doing business with David Corbaley's company anymore.  I do NOT TRUST them and if I were you I would NOT do business with them, unless you want your money to be "cheated" away from you!!! Please beware... 

@Chen, thanks for the heads up. I keep getting these various emails on things like this and so far its nothing other than some variation of "selling selling to sellers with nothing to sell" pretty much. Most of these guys had something that worked for a bit, it petered out and no longer works. So now they sell this to others not clued in on it using the past successes as their justification. If anyone had something that was working, he would be doing that, not selling that to others. 99% of internet marketing is all this and nothing more.

I'm so glad I found this thread.  For $97, I thought I'd learn at least enough to justify the price, but if there are strings attached--especially if those strings aren't mentioned in the pitch--I'm not interested.  Thanks, everyone, for the feedback.

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