Looking for reputable management companies in Washington D.C.

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I am currently scouting duplexes and quadplexes in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) area. I have no interest in managing these properties and thus have begun my search for property management companies I could retain.

Can anyone recommend a property management company in this area? Or how to go about finding reputable firms? 

Lastly, any advice on proper due diligence when hiring a property management company?

Thanks BP Community!

- Connor Bell 

Hi Connor, I am an investor and residential Broker in DC and Maryland.  I also have my DC property manager's license.  I manage my local portfolio (DC/Maryland) and manage a couple of properties for clients.  If you want to talk further, shoot me an email.   I also have a property where the ownership structure requires a property manager.  It is a single family rowhouse in DC.  Robtco Property Management is the company that manages the property and Robert Jones is the CEO of the company.  

Best, Teresa

Finding a good property manager in the DC area can be quite hard.  I self manager instead of having to deal with them. What I would advise is make sure they are familiar with the local laws.  That sounds like it should be understood....but say the company is in Maryland...they should also know DC specific laws, and Virginia's and all vice versa.  Each county in Maryland, the District and Virginia each have their own protected classes, different rent control laws etc.

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