DC Meetup Space Needed

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There are several meetups in the metro area made up primarily of BP members which have a really unique format.  The format is a roundtable discussion on any real estate topic someone has questions about or wants to discuss.  It is basically like the Bigger Pockets forum, but live and in person. This type of meeting in our area started in Gaithersburg by @Justin B got so popular, that two groups spun off from it...one in Frederick lead by @Account Closed .

Id love to have a DC based Meetup with the same format since I do a lot of business in the District. However in looking around, the cost to rent space has been prohibitive. The Anne Arundel and Frederick Meetups have a free location and the Gaithersburg location I think is a small $100 for the space.  If anyone has any suggestions of where to meet in the District proper, jump on and make a suggestion. So if you know of a low cost space, or are even able to offer space would love to hear your suggestions.

Hi @Russell Brazil ,

I would be interested in a DC based Meetup. We could always meet at a library. DC public library meeting rooms are available in different sizes and are free. 

Hey DCers, former pro member here and noobie investor. Could not find an updated thread with this, but, I've got the meeting space likely for free (or at least much cheaper) if people want to meet up still. 

Reply or DM me please because I'd personally like to attend and can take care of this hurdle.

Resurrecting this thread. Meetup/REIA likely to be started by @Kevin Leahy and myself come January where we plan on bringing in some rockstar speakers.  Looking for a place metro accessible, that can seat 200 people ideally.  Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, Chinatown, Metro Center, Union Station, maybe Brookland, U Street, Columbia Heights. Who has some space for rent?

Try Walls of Books in DC (Columbia Heights).  It's a used bookstore and their website says they rent out the space for Community Events.  They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so you could have the place to yourselves.

I have attended meetings at the building on 8th and Pennsylvania SE (1st floor) to the Dunkin Donuts.  I don't remember the name I pretty sure they will rent space for free.  Libraries and schools are good options also.

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