submetering water in DC

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Can anyone share their experiences working with a submetering water service in DC?  Or does anyone have ideas on how to split the water bill?  

I'm rehabbing a two-unit multifamily and found the cost to split the water line to be too costly.  I've now got two submeters installed on the side of the house.  

Thanks in advance for your replies.

For my last two projects, where I converted a single family into two condos, I was told by several submetering service companies in DC that they typically don't handle properties with only two units. In fact, I was unable to find any that would even do it. Ultimately, I ended up doing what you did and had two submeters installed and incorporated each unit's responsibility for their portion of the monthly bill into the Condo Docs.

Matt is right, you are not going to find someone to do it on a 2 unit property.

Thanks to you both for the replies.  Very helpful.

@Matt Medvene :  How do you complete the reading?  Is it electronic?  Or does the tenant or owner check?

I put the onus on each respective condo owner- I factored the water bill into the annual cost of the condo association and increased the HOA fee accordingly so that the water is covered and neither owner has to worry about checking it each month. The water meters were still installed in case future owners decided to change how it is handled or, more importantly, if there is an issue and they notice a spike in the bill; the submeters could help identify more quickly which unit is the source of the issue.

ok, thanks for the clarification!

@Matt Medvene :  one more question.  Did the submeters have automatic reading capability?  

Thanks again for your assistance.  Noob here.

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