Seeking referral/recommendation for lender in Washington DC

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I am trying to get myself ready

@Terri Parrilla Shoot me an email or PM about the type of deal(s) you're trying to put together and I can introduce you.

@Terri Parrilla A few key attributes of your projects will make a huge difference in the right lender for you.  

Depending on whether this is a flip v. long-term hold, single-family v. multi-family, duplex vs. 10-units, commercial vs. residential, etc., your ideal lending source might be anything from a mortgage officer selling Fannie/Freddie loans, a local/regional bank "portfolio" lender who lends off their own balance sheet, or a private lender (sometimes known as "hard money" lender or a "mezzanine" lender depending on the circumstance).  All these have advantages/disadvantages and work well for different funding goals.

If you post a little more detail on what kind of deals you're looking to fund, the community here can give you much more tailored recommendations & referrals of specific lenders.  

Thanks  to you all for reaching out to me and thanks specifically to @Bob Mills for your explanation. I am just getting started and am currently looking for SFH or 2-4 unit multifamily to buy and hold. I've been looking for properties and am trying to wrap my mind around obtaining a lender, whether and how to shop for them without taking too much of a hit on my credit, and then how to set up financing so that I am ready to pull the trigger once I find a deal.

@Terri Parrilla

I have a team I can refer you to for multi family properties in the District.  PM me.

Moderator, this is not a solicitation.  We don't do the type of lending she's looking for at US Commercial.

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