First time homebuyer in the DMV

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Hi All,

I am a first time homebuyer that is looking to purchase in the DC area. My budget is 350k-385k. The goal was not to cross the river but that now serms impossible. I'm still new to the area so I wanted to get insights on some of those areas that east of the river that may fit my budget, but is somewhat safe and has potential or future development plans.  Hoping to here from investors, DC natives or anyone that has insight about real estate in the DC area. Currently thinking of deanwood, river terrace, randall heights, marshall heights and congress heights. Please let me know your thoughts.

Id probably be looking at either Deanwood or College Park eith that budget. Maybe Twinbrook in Rockville. 

Welcome to the wide world of real estate @Charlene Fuller !  I wanted to check in and see if you've considered "house hacking?" It is a fairly magical tool in most markets, but perhaps greatest of all in a higher cost-of-living area like the Capital region.

Most duplexes would be easy to make work on an FHA loan and, with some jiggling, a 3-plex or 4-plex can, too.

Good luck on the homebuying journey!  If you'd benefit from having a stellar agent in DC I'll connect you with my go-to.

I would buy into rockville twinbrook area as russell said or the route 1 corridor (Mount rainier brentwood hyattsville riverdale college park) those areas actually have more going on than most stuff eotr at a cheaper price and you can get a sf home where as eotr your looking at a small th at that price point.

Originally posted by @Charlene Fuller :

Hi Russell, what about Congress Heights? Would you not recommend? 

 I'm familiar with congress heights and I like it. I have some relatives that have been there since the 60s. Some streets are better than others. Mississpi ave has some new townhouses so you may want to be close to those. If you're unsure of a street, ride around there at night. that will give you alot of insight into the area.