Need Handyman help in St. Pete!

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Good morning BP,  It has been a little while since I posted, but I am having a real tough time in maintaining my duplex .  I am in desperate need of a good handyman, someone that can do the work but also can suggest fixes, for things like leaking around a window (I have tried caulking myself with little success).  I have tried Angie's List, referred people, and even so far as to use Sears Home Services (which obviously has a hefty markup associated with it).  I also notice that the ones that have high ratings and sound competent on Angie's List won't even bother with jobs this small so that has been making it hard as well.

I am hoping that I can find someone to help me out with my current issue as it is raining every day and the leaking is taking a toll.  I really do not want to turn this into a major issue.   If someone even has a suggestion on finding and vetting good reliable people I would welcome that as well!  

Thank you, 


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