Need an investor friendly contractor/plumber in Dunedin

2 Replies | St. Petersburg, Florida

Hey BPers!

A client of mine is closing on a triplex in Dunedin/North Clearwater on the 31st but there is some work to be done including some moisture behind drywall, minor repairs, and will eventually need a rehab on 2 of the bathrooms, floors, paint, and perhaps a kitchen or 2 and we need a contractor (or at least a plumber) to take a look and give us a quote to repair and the options/severity of the leak. 

This Monday (8/28), we will have access to the unit  that has the moisture at 10am but I can also send out the inspection report if I can get a bid without you being there,

Any great referrals that can come by Monday would be highly appreciated. Again, this is in Dunedin, Florida. Message me if you have someone you think would be a great fit. Thank you!