Rochester City Neighborhood Recommendations

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Hello Upstate/Western NYers,

Curious where folks are investing in the Rochester city area. Looking to stay away from tough areas of drugs/thugs, but seeking neighborhoods with some upside growth to them.

Any thoughts on Rochester neighborhoods is much appreciated. Thanks!


I know nothing about them, but my posting should bump this to the top again and give it another run through.  My only advice is to get a real estate agent that knows the area.  Good luck!

@Mike Hare The south wedge is the main area that has experienced consistent growth in the past decade.  People generally don't invest it Rochester for appreciation.  There is some and this past year has we've had quite a bit. But you can't count on it. 

@Larry T. thank you for the response. Mainly, I have been trying to target cleaner city areas for multi-family. I think it's likely that the easiest way to do this is driving through neighborhoods I'm not familiar with and make a decision based on what i'm seeing (coupled with research). The 19th Ward seems to have a tremendous amount of somewhat clean duplexes. This may simply be a matter of getting the pulse on each neighborhood's subculture. 

I'm originally from Syracuse and moved to Victor/Farmington area a few years back; hence the confusion. Thanks again Larry.

For the 19th ward, if you want better areas you'll want to stay west of Thurston and/or close to or north or Brooks. 

depends on your budget. I am at upper Monroe and Park. But those areas are pricey.

The City of Rochester is really starting to move in the right direction.  In regards to neighborhoods, it depends on your level of risk.

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Does anyone in the Rochester Ny area have a good roofer they can recommend?

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Similar to what other posters are saying- it all depends on what you're looking for. Cash flow is probably better in the city but from the numbers I'm seeing you should still be cash flow positive even in the nicer suburbs. 

@Barry - We cover Rochester, NY for roofing and all sorts of general construction. We also offer our management clients 25% off all repairs and maintenance. I think at our current rates that works out to just $262 a square for shingles up to 2 layers. 

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