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Hello All,

I’m in contract on a 9 unit in Kingston, NY. Hopefully I’ll be closed by December. I’m looking for other investors in the Kingston area who have local knowledge. I’d love to get referrals for handymen, contractors, etc...

Also, if there’s interest we could have a meet up and chat about local investing.


Hey Brian,

I'm looking in Kingston, too, and though I'm new to the area, I have made some friends with decades-long experience there. 

Would be happy to meet up for coffee sometime and maybe share info re: those referrals you're looking for...

Hey Megan! That would be great. I didn’t see contact info on your profile, so send me an email, it should be on my page.

Am also very interested. Let's sit down and schmooze. Want to share and listen. Networking is very powerful .

Absolutely Joe. Would you both want to meet in Kingston next week?

Hi Guys, I would be interested in meeting up next week. Thanks for starting this conversation.

@Brian Rosenthal kingston is a great town! I used to go to Kingston to get a haircut when i lived in Poughkeepsie.

Are you doing any investing in Westchester county near you? I'm looking to purchase a duplex or triplex in the northern westchester area (ossining, sleepy hollow, croton on the hudson) would love to connect!

If you all agree I would order a nice lunch to my office in Kingston. Wednesday or Thursday works for me. Just let me know who is on board. 

Also preferred time? 

Next Thursday the 9th works for me. I’m fairly flexible, anytime after noon is great.

For contractor references I usually find its best to go to your local building supplier and ask who they recommend. For instance my local lumber yard has a set of 10 or so contractors they dole out cards for that they've all been working with for 10+ years. 

Josh, you’ve had good experience with this? I feel like that might be more off a kickback situation, instead of the supplier knowing the quality of the contractor’s work.

@Joseph E. Thursday lunch time works for me! (I'm flexible - maybe 1pm?)

Let us know where your office is!

So Thursday Nov 9th @ 1PM it will be,  

I will e mail you the address very soon.

Anybody else on board? 

@Travis Sprague I live in Sleepy Hollow and house hack a 2 unit. Before I invested in Kingston, I looked all over Westchester, especially the river towns so I know it fairly well. It’s my opinion that speculative buying has gone so crazy that it’s hard to find a deal with cash flow. That said, Peekskill is a great city and still has potential. Ossining maybe, but prices there are rising quickly. Also a look at New Rochelle and Mt. Vernon, they’re close to the city and are finally getting major developers building around their train stations.

@Brian Rosenthal thank you for that advice! I'm literally trying to do what you are currently doing in that area as well (between 40mins to an hour outside of Manhattan)Those areas you mentioned farther south do seem promising. I would love to connect as I get closer to purchasing. Shoot me a message so we can connect. Thanks!

Brian Rosenthal and Travis Sprague, I am from and in New Rochelle! I work with a developer here as a project manager, we are building a 114 unit building in town. I’m a real estate salesperson as well to push along my investing. I would love to connect with you guys as well. I also have an ex in Kingston and have spend a bunch of time up there in the past two years! It’s a small world!

@Adam Cherko oh thats great! Yes lets definitely meet up. When is the next time you will be in Manhattan? Shoot me a message and we can iron out a day/time.

Thanks for reaching out!

@Joseph E. I'm interested as well! Sorry for joining the party late, been busy trying to tie up a Kingston property! Hey @Megan S. ! Please fill me in on details, I'll be in the area on Thurs and would love to join....

Hey @Jared Gettinger ! We’re meeting at 1pm on Thursday - location tbd (@Joseph E. ‘s office, I believe, but I’m still waiting on an address).

Hope to see you!


Joining in on this convo a bit late, but I would be happy to connect with anyone looking to invest in the Kingston market. I grew up in Kingston and have since migrated to NYC to further my career in real estate investing, but I'm still active up there. My family has a portfolio of properties scattered across the city of Kingston that I grew up managing. I would be happy to provide insight into the market and make recommendations for brokers, contractors, vendors, etc.

Glad to see so much interest in the market.


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