Looking for an Electrician

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Good Day Community,

I am looking for an good & reasonable electrician in Buffalo for a couple jobs National Grid is requiring me to do.  Any suggestions?

Look up Jay Meadows at Indigo Buffalo Electric. He's a by-the-book guy who has done a couple jobs for me with good results.

We should get a recommendation thread going for different skill sets in Buffalo.  It's tough to find good, honest, hard working people that want to do an honest day's work these days

@Alex Scott @Kyle A. - Thanks Gents!  I agree with you Kyle.  I think having a recommendations thread would be great.  If either of you know good all around handy men that can do turnovers, please let me know.

Anyone know a good General Contractor/Handyman that won't try and rip me off?  I have a duplex I need turned around fast to get it rent ready.  A lot of small jobs that equal up to a lot of work to do that I don't have time for myself.

@Kyle A. - I met a contractor today in Buffalo who seemed to check all the right boxes.  I am having him work on a couple jobs for me.  He stays busy and only gets jobs through word of mouth.  Seems like a good upstanding contractor.  Let me know if you are interested and I will PM you his info.

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