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I've been using the same insurance carrier for almost a decade and as I've grown I feel like their customer service has declined.  I'm planning to evaluate my current policies for the new year and am wondering who you recommend in the Rochester NY area.



Hey Mark, who are you currently using?  I've been with Liberty Mutual for awhile and one thing I will say is that their customer service is pretty good.  I have a local agent I reach out to when I need and he moves pretty fast.  It seems like premiums increase 3-5% every year though.

Hey @Mark Updegraff ,

Give Yvette Alexander a call from Tompkins. She's good people and responsive. I'll send her information over

Thanks @Mark W. , It was Shepard Maxwell and Hail but bought out by Tompkins a few years ago.  My original rep was the best.  She transitioned to Tompkins but is not there now.  

Hey Mark. I use Freemantle Insurance. His office is in Bushnell's Basin and he primarily uses NYCM. In my experience, their rates are good, their customer service is solid and you see benefits on new products when you've got existing business with them. Let me know if you want his contact info. 

I use Liberty Mutual (Peter Harris). He is very responsive with aggressive rates and good coverage. They do creep up each year, but it will take a lot of time for them to catch up to other’s rates.

Hey Mark - I use Jan Chisholm from Lawrence Associates based on recommendations I found on BP. So far, all of the policies have been written through Wayne Cooperative.  Their rates are good, and Jan's service is excellent.

Thanks @Douglas Burns  - It was great seeing Courtney at the Techknowpalooza!  It is definitely a right of passage for new agents :D 

We should get the kids together for a play date, I miss Jackson!!

Happy Holidays,

@Mark Updegraff Closed my first deal on a duplex a couple weeks ago and used James Wright and Kyle Stanney at Paris Kirwan Associates. Let me know if it would be helpful to connect you. Cheers!

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