Looking for info working w/ Section 8 in the Capital District

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Hey I'm looking for any property managers, investors, or really anyone who has done anything with section 8 in the Capital District. I have a bunch of questions that I want to ask someone... Way too many for a forum post...  I would want to hire you- pay you for your time for a phone call so that I could pick your brain. Say hi on here, PM me, or please recommend anyone you know who might know anything about section 8!  I'm sure it varies a bunch town to town, county to county and I'm not too location specific at this point.  Up for learning about anything in Saratoga, Schenectady, and Albany counties.  Thanks! 

It'll require legwork... But I have two, related leads. 

Albany has a United Tenants Alliance that hosts a landlording class for new homeowners. One of the gentleman that speaks there is a former police officer who LMI housing and section 8. He has 2 decades + of experience. He had some great info. 

second would be the actual United Tenants Alliance. There was a woman there who was a big proponent of section 8 in general and she had a ton of info. Basically trying to encourage more people to hop onboard and dispell myths and the usual dog whistles.

I'd start with a call there. I used the UT as a resource both as a tenant and now a landlord. 

If you're motivated, share what you learn.

@Nic Bernal Hey thanks dude, really appreciate this info!  You wouldn't remember the woman or the police guy's names by any chance?  I'll def. look up United Tenant Alliance, thanks!!! And I'll also def. share what I learn.  I'm specifically trying to learn if section 8 in the Capital District pays more if you include utilities as a landlord?  And then how do you even figure out rates to run numbers?  Among a million other questions :)  

@Adam Sankowski that was last year but I have the paperwork still. I'll get it tomorrow. Feel free to @ me in the afternoon in case I forgot. 

P.S. nearly certain they discussed all those questions. The class was $20, had pizza that people from upstate consider "good", and tbh I liked how they approached it from a community involvement standpoint... while being realistic about the challenges with tenants. I know it's a haul but it's semi frequent so I'd consider asking when the next one is. 

p.s.s. happy to rec my realtor. Also have a contact for a PM for within the city who has worked with LMI, though I haven't worked with her. If you look outside the city to Rotterdam NY, I have PM for there I've worked with and will gladly rec. 

Yes they do pay more for utilities included (otherwise they end up giving them a voucher for the utilities as well), I could be wrong, but i'm pretty sure its tenant to tenant (for what they contribute), and it's Rarely 100%

FWIW...In my experience, Albany County DSS has absolutely a pain to work with.  Not a Section 8 program, but they typically serve the same clients so many are on both programs.  They only pay by voucher through snail mail, which means if all the stars align you will be getting paid about 3 weeks late, and they screen all their calls so you actually can't talk to a case worker if you need to. And in my experience, they would also never, ever return messages left by landlords.  I actually terminated a lease on one of my tenants specifically because of how difficult they were.

Rensselaer County DSS is better, I have heard - they pay by direct deposit and you get the money within 3 days of the first.  This is secondhand information, however, since I have not interfaced with them personally.

Cohoes Housing Authority (S8), on the other hand, was great to work with (direct deposit on the 1st, would answer my questions), although they would not pay me market rate for my apartment

Since income source (Sec 8, DSS, etc) is now a protected class in NYS, if they meet your other rental criteria, you can't decline them just due to the fact they are on Sec 8, so might as well get on board.  Most of the time they don't meet our credit qualifications any way, but we manage several that are 100% paid by Sec 8 and its actually been quite good to work with.  Regarding snail mail from DSS, we only accept rent payment online or via direct deposit and that's a condition of renting from us (which is not a protected class...) and that's right in the application, so if the program won't autopay us or do direct deposit, we decline the app on that basis.  We've gotten in some debates about this with the program people, but we don't budge, not having the ability to pay online is a them problem, not an us problem.  

Hi @Adam - still looking for info? Affordable housing provider here in the Capital Region and throughout NY. Agree with Paul. Albany DSS pays via snail mail and takes painfully slow.... just received October's rent :/ 

BUT with that being said, its all part of the business. Let me know if you have any questions!