First blog post - what's wrong?

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This is a simple thing you can do. Type the post completely in MS Word, then copy and paste it into your BP Blog.

Congrats on starting to blog and sharing your experiences @Ben G.

@Ryan Steele I will give that a try on my next blog post. Do you ever visit Indianapolis? If so, when will you be here next?

@Brandon Turner I'm using an updated Apple and was using Firefox browser when I published that post. Also, can you change the web address of my blog post from test to something else? I originally used "test" as the title when practicing with the blog functionality on your site. Thanks for the help!

@Ben G. I do get to indy semi regular. My inlaws are in Carmel. But ny wife is due with our first child in two weeks. So not sure how often we will be heading down as opposed to them coming here.

Also why I have been posting more becaise I am staying ckose to home base if you will.

@Ben G. well I will do my best to drop you a line when I am headed down that way again. Likewise if you head up this way.

There is a bakery in Broad Ripple called Sweet T's. Great bakery. Love the Red Velvet. It is in strip mall just 2 or 3 doors down from a UPS Store. Same owners. Great people. Not sure why I posted that other than to say, that bakery is awesome!

I will tell you more when we meet, but it isn't for public consumption at this point.

@Ben G. I am sorry and was remiss in not saying congrats to you as well! It is a nervous yet exciting time. I am happy that I feel i have prepared my business not just for me to spend time with our child, but also that they will be able to reap the rewards for years to come.

I applaud the fact that you are doing something to prepare for the future of your family as well.

Keep up the blogging. NO matter what happens. When you have a modicum of success in this world. You will then start to get attacked. People will even go so far as to make up fake names, facebook accounts, and yes they will even fake photos and Bigger Pockets accounts to attempt to slander your name.

Just stay true to your own moral fiber, know you are doing right for your family and in the end, over time, truth always wins out.