Cool Tool For Those Thinking About Buying in Detroit

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I received a couple postings of properties in Detroit this morning and I did a little digging-in to find out more about the area and I came across

With all the Detroit chatter on BP, I was surprised that I hadn't heard anyone mention this site, so I thought I would share it.

After searching BP, I found that @Brandon Turner wrote a post about the site a few years ago, but since I haven't heard mention of it, I thought it was worth posting to refresh the audience on a tool that I think can be very informative to the potential buyer.

Disclosure: I have no affiliation to the website.

We have a local crime-mapping tool that is pretty accurate but just for fun I tried this out... for my 'scariest' property (which isn't very scary, just a little tired) ... this month - zero crimes, this year, zero crimes, last year, zero crimes.

I checked before I bought and there were a handful of the usual issues within a mile radius but nothing on my immediate block. It looks like the data feed isn't robust for our area, which may be true for other areas as well.

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