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I have not been able to answer my phone more & more lately, which means I miss calls and quite often the callers dont leave a message. I am wondering if there is a solution where if I dont answer my phone, and the caller is not in my contact list (android), the call would get forwarded to an answering service. Callers that are in my contact list like my wife, etc can just go to regular voicemail. Ever seen anything like that?

I would look into a Google voice number. It is free and can be routed to any phone you want.

What about having a virtual assistant that answers your google voice number so that someone is always answering your calls? I have never worked with a VA and know you have to find a good one .

I know you can forward all your calls that come in to another phone but i have never heard of a service like your talking about. Maybe you should create it : )

Google voice was the ticket. I'm all setup with GV and AnswerAmerica. We'll see how it works out...

@Larry Flanagan Should you not have luck with the google voice route maybe look into an app called youmail.

@Larry Flanagan  how is Answer america working for you? I'm currently looking for an answering service and I like the no monthly fees, just pay per call, but they seem to only take very limited information. I would want more than name, number, message... I'd want them to collect property info as well as motivation info. Do you know if they can do this?

I try to get them to collect best price, what is owed, reason for selling, etc, but it is spotty. I think it depends on who answers the phone.  I'm satisfied with it though.

@Larry Flanagan  

I am thinking about using as well. Can you give some feedback on their services? What is the script they allow you to use? I want to make sure I don't have 2-3 questions and then trying to bill me for it. What happens after they take the call, how do they relate the information to you?

Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated

@Winston Spence  No I haven't set one up yet, however I think I'll go with patlive, or answer connect or someone similar, The monthly fees are much higher but they collect all the info you need. I'm waiting another month or 2 so I can track my call volume and decide what is best.

@Maverick V. i heard that both patlive and answerconnect are not good. What was your experience since writing the above post?

Anyone else have any experience with a good one?

While this doesn't answer your question about how to get a virtual assistance, I strongly recommend that you use Google Voice as your voice mail instead of your cell phone's default one if you are getting high call volume.

My cell phone rings off the hook all the time, and using Google Voice, I never fill up my AT&T voice message queue.  Calls to my cell go straight to Google Voice, it transcribes it, and then SMS txts me the message about 1 min later.


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