Using Data and Tech to find investment opportunities in Philadelphia

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Hello all,

I thought my fellow Philadelphia investors might be interested in knowing that the city of Philadelphia has recently released a website and a data feed that exposes a lot of info that might be useful in identifying potential investment properties in the city. Check out the article here:

streamline solutions open data

I'm new (my intro here: ), and wholly inexperienced with real estate investing. And as a result, I am not really set up to know how to leverage this information yet. But if you are, and you need any help accessing it at an api level to help you quickly find potential homes to target, please let me know. Perhaps I can help with the tech angle, and learn more about investing in the process from some of you who are more experienced.

Hi Jeff,

Welcome to the site. As a rookie from Montgomery County it is always nice to see new locals on here. The article you posted was very interesting. What kind of REI are you looking to get into?

Here is a link to a local meeting that will be happening soon:

Take care,


Hi Rick, thanks for the welcome. I think that we're looking for buy and rent, or perhaps lease stuff initially, but I've heard that it's not good to have only 1 exit strategy per property. I've got some money tied up at the moment anyway, so it'll probably be a few months before I'm ready to pull the trigger on something. Which is convenient because I figure it'll take at least that long before I know enough to have confidence that I'm doing something intelligent.

Any thoughts on how this info might be usable?

Great link, thanks!

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