Does Anyone Have a 'Listing To Text' Service They'd Recommend?

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Has anyone tried a 'Real Estate to Text' Messaging Service? Got a couple of rehabbed properties I'm marketing and would love to allow prospective buyers to text a number and receive a property flyer automatically to their phones via text. Would be even better if the service could be added to one's website as well.  Does anyone have any experience with these services?

That sounds like a pretty custom solution to me. You may need to hire a developer and have him use something like If it is a service, the custom software may give a higher ROI. IMHO.

Thanks @Darryl D.  

 - I'm surprised this isn't already out there and more popular. I do know of a mortgage broker who had such a service about 3 years ago. The catch was that he wanted all of the leads to go through him (prospective buyers still went to my phone first and exclusively).

Looks like the only thing I've found was this:

I would have thought after 3 years of me first seeing this there would now be companies out there that offer these as widgets on one's website. Thanks again.

Well from a development standpoint, it's not too much of a big job with services like twilio. If you feel like you'll see decent results from it, I'd say go for it. Seems like an interesting concept. 

The idea of sending a link via text would be beneficial to property managers when answering calls on an available house-for-rent listing!

There are services like which allow you to text a keyword you sign up for to a short code (the shortened phone numbers often used for this type of marketing -- they're assigned by the carriers) used by all customers of the service.  You can set up an autoresponder to reply.  You would need a keyword for each property if you wanted the response to deal with a particular property.

@Darryl D.  

 - Is Twilio something for the layman such as myself? Was reading through it but it's after midnight so.......:)

I wouldn't consider it so. You will need some pretty decent development skills to use it. Of course you could learn, but I would consider the opportunity costs. 

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