What's the Best Site for Property Info

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There are so many pay sites that say they will provide information on a property like the owner name, number and mailing address as well as prior sales info, etc. 

What is the best site for this info that isn't MLS or some other crazy expensive portal that requires an agent to sign up.

I've seen propertyshark, IURealist, etc.

Would love any thoughts!


beenverified.com will sometimes show the owner's name given the address and then you can sometimes enter their name to determine where they live now and their phone number

I used it before to determine that a boarded up house across the street from mine was owned by a company.  The mailing address was owned by another company.  I googled both companies and was able to find the son of the owner of the company on Facebook.  I called the owner of the property but unfortunately he didn't seem motivated to sell and I couldn't understand what he was saying half of the time because of his accent.

The best site really is the MLS. But after that, there is a service in some states called "Courthouse Retrieval System" (CRS). It comes along with my MLS, but it can be purchased separately from anyone (don't have to be a Realtor). May not be available in your state though.

If you are looking for ownership info fidelitypassport.com is good.

@Justin S.  

can you obtain access to fidelitypassport.com without a license? I went to the site, but it appears you have to click through a company to sign up. 


@Adam West  Yes you can, just have your title agent set you up with access.  

@Justin S.  

Thanks very much for the reply bud! 


@Mark Marinaccio What was your experience with IURealist?  Looking into that as a possible option for direct mail info.

it's been pretty good, can get a lot of info really quickly

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