How does BP help my SEO rank better?

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Looking to get some feedback about SEO and how BP may help my website rank better. 

-Do the links to our website in our signature help?

-Is BP a high PR site for real estate? Do blogs on this site count?

-What else?

I want to take advantage of BP to help build quality back links to my website. As you know with Penguin 3.0 some sites took a hit in their ranking. I hear it's not quantity but quality of back links. I want to learn more about this so I'm reading up on past SEO posts as well, but any tips you would like to share would be awesome too! 


@Michael Lerch  Yes, Yes, and Yes

You want links from authoritative sites and you want them to be diverse.  Quality and relevance play a huge part.  

Something else that might help your SEO is Google's increased emphasis on "authorship". While they haven't fully disclosed all elements that go into defining authorship (as is their way with any aspect of their algorithm), it appears that links from a byline article or post back to your main website will help with ranking.

Google is becoming increasingly savvy at determining which websites are the work of a single living, breathing person, and which are spammy websites that are hired out to contractors. If you have an author/about me page on your main website, it's useful to place links to the about me page of any websites to which you frequently contribute. And vice-versa. It's a strong signal to Google that you're an active contributor across multiple domains, and it will likely help your ranking for terms and topics that you discuss frequently.

Yes, go for the PR8 and the PR9 links. I haven't checked the links on this site yet but I bet its a high PR7, PR8, and PR9. Active Rain is another good site to get plugged into. Google and SEO nerds will swear up and down that page rank is dead but Matt Cutts will never fess up to what works or what doesn't. I know when you get connected to these properties your rankings go up and stay up.

If you want to get on Google's good side then use their tools - Youtube, Blogger and Google+. If you aren't using Google+ plus code into your web pages look into it. Social media code is big this year. Hardly no ones doing it but they should. Your pages will get ranked better and hold their high rank.

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