What's the best iPhone app or device for logging miles?

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Can anyone recommend any great iPhone apps for logging business car miles?

I tried Mile IQ and I like it. You get your milage summary broken down by personal and business via emails.  I didn't buy it but i should, The free version does 40 trips a month I believe. 

I use MileBug - very easy to use and you can email yourself reports anytime.  

I must be old school.  I use my "trip" function on my odometer and log it in my PM software. 

Thanks guys I'm trialling Trip Log at the moment and it seems very thorough and easy to use.

@Chris Adams  I also tried MileIQ and it worked alright but it didn't seem to have any desktop integration unless I'm wrong? It also seemed to have a lot of fake reviewers on the iTunes store which I'm not a fan of.

@Bryan N.  that's what I've always done too, but I'm trying to streamline and automate as much as I can. I'm very much a tech orientated worker so finding tools that help me do less of the mundane boring paperwork is something I enjoy.

@Shane Willcox  I'm always up to something new.  I'm curious to how many IRS reports they limit the free version. 

@Bryan N.  I'm finding that most of these apps all have trial periods so after that you have to pay, but then you have full unlimited access to all the features. I'd take a look at the Trip Log one and make sure to try out the web based app that shows everything in a lot of detail. If you're a car person you can also install an OBD device and it automatically fetches your odometer reading and adds it to the report.

I'm open to some other suggestions to trial also.

@Chris Adams  I stand corrected. MileIQ does have a desktop/online interface that actually syncs to a cloud in real time. Quite handy. It just doesn't have an option for odometer readings. However according to the IRS website you don't need them anyway. You just need the odometer reading at the start and end of the year.

@Shane Wilcox Have you tried TrackMyDrive? I am the developer of this app. We provide a full web interface at htts://trackmydrive.com. Our app is similar to MileIQ, you can automatically track your mileage and all trips are saved online. Also we are $8.99 a year compared to $59.99 a year.

Let me know if you have any questions about the app. 


Hey @Shane Willcox   - Thanks for trying out MileIQ. You're correct that the IRS doesn't require odometer readings for each drive, which is why we left that option out of the app. We're trying to make mileage tracking as automatic, simple, and smart as possible, while meeting the IRS requirements. We have more information in our 2014 mileage deduction guide here: https://www.mileiq.com/articles/2014-mileage-deduc...

I totally understand that some our reviews seem fake, but I assure you they are not. We sometimes think it's funny how positive they are ourselves (we love it of course), but if you sort by "Most Critical" reviews you'll see there is plenty of feedback that helps guide our product roadmap so we continue to be the leading mileage tracking service. 

Please let me know if you have any more questions or feedback. I'm happy to discuss.



I use GPS Logbook.  You can find it on Amazon.com.  Basically you just plug it in your car cigarette lighter (or whatever they are called now) and it will track everything and include a detailed map.  I have one in each car and just have to sync it every 15 days or so online.

@Michael Tempel  that's a great looking device. The big advantage of that is it won't drain your phone battery or data usage as it's self contained.

I could see that device extremely useful if you had a business fleet.

Thanks for the tip!

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