PM software that imports and categorizes bank transactions like QB for per property accounting

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Have been using QuickBooks for accounting, Excel for tracking, and DropBox for a file sharing.  Looking for a Property Management software to consolidate these functions.  

Did an AppFolio demo today and love it (despite cost of 200/mo).  But AF's robust accounting does not include the QB feature of downloading Chase transactions and categorizing to a specific tenant's rent payment.  Buildium is cool, but didn't have this feature either (40/mo).  Both properties list transactions for reconciliation with bank but no further integration.

The problem is that all of my rental income and expenses are done electronically through Chase.  Tenants pay there and I use debit cards for payments.  Its all there, so it seems silly to have to manually enter this data for each property every month.

Any solution here?

I am a big fan of SmartSheet.  (look at their template gallery or Youtube page

1 - Track everything your do in Excel, but in the cloud. Just one version with ability to let others edit, just see, or only see certain parts of the Smartsheet

2  - Creates forms that populate into the Smartsheet  (for online work order requests,  surveys, site audits)

3 - allows attaching all docs within the Smartsheet

4- all financials can be managed within 

5 - the Task feature is awesome.  Task others (non-users too) by line item and make them update the task status

(No, I don't work for them, but my company has been able to dump a few other processes since SmartSheet showed up).  


@Dooreuhn Cee I'm looking for the same thing and was going to go down the Quicken route for property expense tracking for an easier tax time, trend tracking, and possible deal analysis although I can continue to do this in excel. I would be importing some of this info from an online bank account and some would be input manually. What specifically does Quicken not do? What's the cost of SmartSheet?

@Sarah Steele  wow Smartsheet looks pretty slick, like Excel on steroids!!  None of the Property Management software handles Project Management for rehabs...  downloading trial

@Greg V.  makes sense that Quicken would have the accounting feature I need.  tried it several years ago and didn't stick to it.  i am going to try again.

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