Is it douchey to update your FB status with REI exploits?

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I update my update my fb status with my real estate progress all the time, but 10 seconds later, I end up deleting the status because I think it comes off as being douchey. 

What do you guys do? First rule of Fight Club, you don't talk about Fight Club?

I use FB to market my listings and remind my friends and family that I'm licensed.  

I like the word douchey :)

I understand! I never post on FB about my investing. But really, it's probably a good idea to let your circle of friends know that you have an interest in real estate. You never know when that could bring you an opportunity like a good property or an investment partner. I am currently trying to figure out just how to do that without (as you so succinctly put it) being douchey. I'm planning to start a FB page under my business name where I could post updates and then share them through my personal page.

Or, you could post in a chatty way on your personal page --- "I'm really excited because I'm about to make an offer to buy this building... finger crossed!".... "last vacancy filled, woohoo!" ...that kind of thing

I don't think it's douchey at all, it's a fabulous idea to get the word out that you are into REI and you never know what opportunities could arise for you just from a FB status. Sure there might be a few who think it's "douchey" but who cares! Keep rocking it

@Lee L. ,

I agree with @Heather Jones, nice use of the word. I do updates, but I keep them very tame, and it has taken me a long time to get to that point. It can be very frustrating to tell your friends how excited you are about a new deal, and have them treat you like junk ("so you wanna be a slumlord huh", sound familiar?). My posts have had some friends tell me about possible deals they saw driving around, so even if only a few people notice, it will pay off down the road.

I've got to say, click on @Sarah B.  's facebook link above to see a great utilization of FB for a RE biz. Cool pics and info, but not over-posting or pushy. Nice job!

How would it be douchey? It's not like you are spamming each and every person with a "I BUY HOUSES" comment on their page. If someone doesn't want to see your status updates, they can click to buttons to unfollow you. I post on facebook because there just may be that one person who I reach who could have a deal or be another investor or someone that I could partner with. You never know. be as proud of the fact that you are taking a step forward in your personal career as those who post club or party pictures or whatever else.

I don't think it's douchey at all.  I personally don't do it because I like to keep my social and business matters separate.  Additionally, I just have a lot of random facebook friends who I don't want to disclose too much information to.  That's my personal preference - if however you think it would be beneficial for your facebook network to see your successes, by all means you shouldn't feel douchey doing it.

Great question. I don't think that it is douchey by any means. Do you have any buddies that live in the gym? Shirtless flexing pictures.... That's douchey. I personally utilize a company FB page. From the company page we share articles, success stories, etc. I share relevant statuses with my personal friends. I think @Jean Bolger  has the right idea and I really tend to agree with her style/methods. Now posting pictures of you laying on stacks of 100's that is definitely done in bad taste. I'll post pictures of homes and a brief testimonial from the seller about how we saved the day. 

@Richard C.  Personally I am hardly ever on it. Tons of negativity. 

I do, in fact I had started a thread here that BP posted to their facebook and I shared on mine. I'm proud of what I've done :)

(BTW, I don't care if they thought it to be douchey or not)

I think it's completely ok considering its your Facebook and you can post what you want. If people don't like it they can unfriend it I guess :)

Is it douchey posting 100s of pics of family, friends or where you have been?  I am proud to be an investor and share my stories on FB.  I like @Ryan Dossey have created a FB business page and share it when necessary on my personal page. I will be completing a Sub2 deal this weekend that I otherwise would not have received if not for FB. You never know when one of your FB friends is going to need your help so post away.

I had a FB acct for years and made exactly one post, and that was by accident.  I used it as a Rolodex, nothing more.  I finally cancelled my acct because I didnt want to read one more insecure narcissist talk about themself when I occasionally logged on to read or send a PM.

It all depends on how you approach it, talking about what you're looking for in deals etc under a business page is cool, talking about your accomplishments is super douche.  How many of us have seen someone post an "I love you" to their significant other via FB?  Yeah, douche.

We are all different however, do what feels good but realize 99% of people won't be happy for you, just gives them another reason to hate you.  Kidding of course.

I would LOVE for the people I'm friends with on Facebook to make status updates about REI instead of their kids illnesses, etc.

I think it pretty easily falls into the douchey category but, as some have said, it could be done more tastefully if its done in a minimal way.  Also, if you are a realtor and your facebook page is for your business it's OK, but don't expect me to be Facebook friends with your business page just cause we are friends in real life, ya know?

I took a class on social marketing and what I got out of it. For Real Estate or business facebook is not as good or effective as Linkedin or Twitter. Even, I used to pay a company $500 a month to promote our business on FB, I saw very little result out of it and we stopped it..

It is not "douchey" but like others, I love the use of the word! 

To each there own, but I find FB to be a great place to talk about what I have going on. I am actually connected to hundreds of realtors local and regionally on FB and many show interest, send me messages to find out progress, etc... Really it depends on what your goals are and where your target market is located. 

I'd rather see an update or photos of your project then the lasagna you made for dinner, or a picture of your kids nursery school report you never know where that next deal is going to come from !

I personally have not. Not that I don't want to but I don't want to come across as those that are always posting pics of themselves at the gym or those that are always talking about their amazing relationship just to see another post next week on how they were just cheated on.

I wish I could do it in a way that doesn't seem to be bragging about a deal or pushing REI down people's throats all of the time with great information(podcasts/blogs/articles).

I feel it is a great way to keep top of the mind awareness to others though.

@Lee L.    I'd be much happier to see posts/updates from friends about their RE or business exploits than the lame updates about what they bought at the grocery store or how hard work was!  

@Lee L.  Woah, you broke the first two rules of fight club already!

I like the idea of advertising your success on fb. Personally, I haven't build up enough network on fb to use toward my REI, and I don't quite use fb often. But if someone who has enough network on fb especially REI related colleagues, I can see fb as a vital tool for marketing.

I take the Vaynerchuck approach, and I do updates, but not braggy or show off ones.  I jab, jab, jab, jab and it gets me setup if I'm ever in the position to right hook.

I post updates to projects, or updates from my hoarder house, everyone loves real estate and secretly wishes they could do what we do, we dont need to be pushy about it.  Make INTERESTING and ENGAGING content and posts, and you will NEVER come off as douchy.  Dont just post photo updates, post befores and afters, or interesting things you find behind walls, or "this design or that design" kind of stuff.  

I'd personally setup a business page as well, the analytics that FB has for posts on the business page are really cool and you can see how many people saw certain posts and what kind of content is getting you the most engagements/views/etc.  But dont be pushy about getting friends/family to like it, and dont use the "like my page" feature where facebook just mindlessly sends out a cold request to your entire friends list, its extremely impersonal.  I did ONE soft pass to my personal friends on FB, saying "hey, if you like my real estate project updates and adventures, THIS page was setup for that, I'll keep updating on my personal page but most of it will be over there.  Check it out for crazy hoarder house stories or just keep tabs on me!"  I got over half of my friends and family with one post, which was personal and engaged on WHY they like my stuff (they really just want to hear horror stories and see cool design). 

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