Suggestions for project and task management software

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I am looking for project and task management software that is free or very low cost, any recommendations? 

What are you looking for it to do specifically? Are you talking about project management for a rehab, general task lists? 

If you run android I use Google. They have free software like Tasks, Calendar, Notes and it is easy to use when going from phone, to tablet, to computer etc.

Several of the PM apps have this as a integral feature. Bonus: you can associate the projects/repairs/tasks with your actual building assets, along with many other data points (financial & otherwise).

Some are better than others of course.

I've started using Podio for task management.  It's kind of a development platform with lots of free apps available for use. 

Check out Smartsheet and Asana (especially if you have a team).  I've used both in my previous life for day-in-day-out PM duties.   Both have desktop, web and mobile tools so you can use them anywhere.

Smartsheet is a more classic tool (think MS Excel but with some powerful overlays and template tools that allow you to build project plans) that would be great for sharing project plans with contractors, etc.

Asana is more of a workflow management tool (define step 1, 2, 3....10, assign the steps to individual team members and when they complete a specific task it's forwarded onto the next responsible person in the list) but could be useful for managing certain types of projects.

I am a PM at a commercial construction firm and use software such as Primavera and Prolog. However, I honestly find myself constantly going back to Excel and Word. There isn't much you can't do with these two, besides complex scheduling and costing, and they are easy to format to your needs and preferences.

I recommend developing some solid templates and improving them as you go. After a while, you will have very functional and specific tools for managing various aspects of a Project.

Now, if scheduling and costing are a must, you will most likely need to drop a little more money and look into either supplemental software or more elaborate software options.

I checked out Travis's suggestions and, though I do not have experience with them, seem like very viable considerations.


Thank you 

[email protected] I am looking for a place to organize all the projects to conduct flips. Ie a folder/section real Estate agents, contractors, properties, back end support and etc. S

@william sorry the last post, posted by accident. Since this is start up company for real estate investments ie flips, then rentals I am working on creating the proper foundations and systems so when the company grows the systems can support the growth. I just started to use podio however, I am finding it difficult to get set up. 

@Alan if you are ok with sharing, how did you set up your podio because I am having a difficult time setting up. Did you sign up for the paid subscription? What apps do you use? In your opinion what is the best way to approach the set up? 

@Alan I just stated using podio and I was curious how you set up your system? Ty 

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