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Hello out there!  Newbie to BP here. :)

I'm currently doing some research on investor software for property searches and analysis, as well as lead tracker and advertising.  Is there a specific software that you use and love?  From my research so far the one that sticks out is REIPro created by Chris Goff. All I could find on here and online was some feedback on his seminars.  Nothing on his software though.  Any chance someone out there is using it and can give some feedback?  

Thanks in advance!

I haven't found anything either on the software. I purchased his Wholesale course and I loved it! I closed my first wholesale deal a few months after I bought the course. He has a good product so I figured his software would be just as good. 

Any idea on how much it costs to have the software? I'm assuming it's a monthly charge.

I don't know anything about REIPro but I've been using FreedomSoft for about 45 days now. I know I'm not maximizing it but from what I've used so far, it's been great! I'd check it out. There is a free trial, and the costs is published on their website. I couldn't find how much the REIPro service costs.

Good Luck!

I used F$ when I was just getting started and it helped me out a lot. Now I think RealeFlow is the best fit. It pull data on the owner and imports data from the CSV files in a better way so that I can just add the phone # of the seller in while I'm on the phone with them. 

A buddy of mine is using Podio and I think I'll pay him(or get him drunk enough to give me a copy) for it. I can have everything layed out in a way that works for me(dyslexic). 

All these people may have a CRM that's better, but what really matters is does it work for you. I would only go with one that gives a 30 day free trial. Every company needs to earn your business. 

@Needa Hamilton , did you ever try out the REIPro Software? if so what do/did you think I'm considering switching from ZOHO to REIPro at least for the 30 day free trial..........I welcome you and others feedback regarding the software.

@Emilio Basa would you be interested in sharing the Wholesale course with me? name your price, I don't think he sells them anymore...Pay it forward, inbox me.

I just heard about REIpro and it looks promising!

does anyone have an opinion about this software?

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