Investor Websites... Any Recommendations?

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I have looked into Lead Propeller and Investor Carrot but I am wondering if anyone actually uses these or has any other suggestions for an investor starting out and needing a website ASAP. I do not want to make a rash decision and regret it later. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I'm using Investor Carrot and have been seeing 30+ leads per month from them and growing.  Took 9 plus months to get decent lead numbers but has been well worth it!  Just had a deal close from my site that netted 15k.  

I haven't used Lead Propeller but hear it's good as well.

Thank you for the input! I will look further into the two of those. 

Hey @Cara Davis !  Hope you had a great weekend! 

I think the best thing you can do is just check around here on the BP forums and talk to Carrot customers to see their experience with us :-) 

That's the best way to get the real low-down on what we're about. 

Our main focus is on helping our clients pull the highest ROI with us vs. other solutions (including building your own site) with a combination of our software / technology that makes the websites rank better more easily and convert visitors into leads at a higher rate, our epic support team, and our training. Right now Carrot members are pulling in more online leads than any other REI website platform (over 16,000 opt in leads and thousands and thousands of phone call leads... per month). We'd love to have you aboard! We'll never sugarcoat things... online marketing takes work and a no quit attitude for sure. But we're here for you every step of the way :-) Which is why our members get such great results. Hope to chat soon!

@Scott Costello nice work man! I knew a good solid deal like that would come soon! Great work! Happy as heck for you. That'll pay for your Carrot membership for like 15 years or something :-) 

- Trevor

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