Phone system for VA to call from

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I want to have a VA start making prospecting calls for me. What phone system do you all recommend for this? I want to be able to login and see what calls were made and when. Can Google voice be used for this if they are overseas. It looks like GV now calls your phone, then connects you to the person you're trying to call (similar to Vulcan). I want something that my VA can sit at their PC and make call after call after call without the added step of Google calling their phone first.

Have you looked at the desktop integration of Google Hangouts?

I haven't played with it, so I'm not sure if it would call directly from the computer, or call their phone first.

Otherwise, you can look at Skype. That allows direct calls from your 'device'.

Personally I use Call Rail which has the 'added step' of calling my VA's phone first. She's fine with it.

My VA does calls going out of CallRail all day. :)

There's even a handy link they give in an email for each call that lets you easily call that person back by clicking it.

Repost from a old post I wrote:

For your VA to use it:

VA installs Zoiper (or any other SIP softphone) on their computer, and configures it to connect to your server.

VA makes outbound calls right from their computer without having GV call them first.

Old post:

We use our own hosted asterisk server.

The cost is around $20 per month +$1.5 per phone number. We have 7 extensions on our system. It comes out to about a 85% savings off what we would pay for ringcentral, and we get an infinitely customizable system.

The upside is we can add a relatively large number of extensions, and still pay the same amount for hosting. On ring central, I think they charge around $20 per extension.

You can also program just about anything you can think of into it. Its just a matter of communicating your idea to a programmer, and their ability to code it.

The downside is when you have an outage, you're either on your own, or at the mercy of your ability to get a asterisk programmer to fix it.

Heres the process:

Rent a pbx server from or any other provider. (~$50 per quarter)

Get a SIP trunk from Vitelity or any other provider. Use that to get a DID (phone number) and SIP trunk. ($8 per month or $0.01 per minute + $1.5 for DID or $3 for toll free)

Hire voiceover talent to record your greeting and messages. ($.75-$1 per word)

Hire a programmer off elance to configure it all the way we want. ($33 per hour. We had about 3.5 hours for 5 lines, time conditions, multiple greetings, and a few custom scripts written)

Buy SIP phones off ebay. We use Aastra 6757i. They run about $50 each.