Which social networks do you use as a real estate investor?

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Hi, everyone,

We are running a holiday giving campaign this week on our company page on LinkedIn to try to grow our network for our real estate investment brokerage and PM firm in Columbus, OH. 

What we're wondering now that we're in the thick of it is, is that the best place for us to be building a network of followers?

We picked LinkedIn to run the promotion on because we thought professionals with full time corporate jobs might invest on the side and find us there for answers to their investing and PM questions, but now we're not so sure. And since BP doesn't have a "connections" link to LinkedIn (but it does to all the others) on the profile page, we're really confused.

As an investor, where do you hang out online besides BP to meet other like-minded investors? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+? Where do you get great RE investing and PM information besides BP (which of course is awesome)? We want to go where people hang out to build a network to push out the great RE investing and PM content we put on our website.

We appreciate your comments and thoughts!

David Panzera, @Panzera Realty

@David Panzera not much compares to Bigger Pockets of course but if you want to share your real estate articles and information you are probably best building likes on Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn is not far behind. I used to advertise on Facebook but they continue to change their algorithm. They pulled back the reach in 2014 which had a lot of advertisers drop out but then it seemed to improve it again earlier this year.