Creating a Printable Parcel Map

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Does anyone know of an easy way to create and print a wall map with parcel lines overlaid on satellite imagery?

Our development group is targeting a neighborhood in Tempe, AZ, and we need a map to track our progress.  Maricopa County's online GIS is great for searching and  viewing parcels, but I don't know of a way to transfer that data to a printable format.


It can probably be done in a program like Google Earth. Depending on if the parcel line file is exportable or not will depend on how much work it would take to make. 

If the file isn't exportable you would essentially need to trace your parcel lines onto the satellite imagery and save it as a separate overlay.

What are you looking for that can't be done in the Maricopa site? Or do you just want the parcel ID's more legible on a less zoomed in image?

jack cotton suggest calling the property appraiser and paying for it.  This was my plan for this month.  Apparently they can print sizes that cover an entire wall

If the image on the screen is PRECISELY what you want (size, content) and you can tolerate lack of zoom,  then Print Page and select the PDF driver.

For Mac users, it's directly on the print dialog and for Windows, download, install PDF995 from here

@Scott Scharl   Very Very simple  walk into the county and see what maps they sell they may have them already.. from there go to a company that specializes in airial photographs they will have them.. but most counties have them.. you just need to go buy them ..

Google will have them as well.

But again county GIS systems are usually all you need