Online Lead Generating

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Has anyone tried using any of these new sites that are popping up online? You sign up to receive alerts for leads, and the site is just a Q&A and then it links you to a chat with a customer. Sites like Tulia, Zillow, and AskAvenue? Just curious if anyone has had success?

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I can't speak to the new sites that promise you leads, but I personally use internet marketing to generate leads. I'm driving potential leads to lead specific landing pages. Granted, I'm looking for retail clients and haven't tested this on investment properties but I'm sure the same principles could apply. I'm being extremely vague here but I'd be happy to go into more detail if you guys want. 

I have used Zillow and Trulia in the past. Prior to them changing their advertising model, I was getting some fairly decent leads that closed in 3-6 months. Their model has changed now to a new bidding system which has brought my impression count down significantly. Honestly, the quality of the traffic was becoming questionable after some time. So I took on a different lead gen strategy. 

I think it is best to build your own platform. I'm learning that attracting people to a blog or establishing yourself on social media will provide long term lead gen that you can control. You can't depend or rely on platforms like Zillow, Truilia, because they can change their business models at anytime.

Build your own platform via a blog or social media. Create lead pages like @Robert Musallam mentioned. Then learn how to use paid traffic like Facebook or Google Ads. It is better to be in control then have no control over your lead gen flow.