Virtual Assistant making phone calls from overseas

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Dear infinite pool of real estate investing wisdom, 

I am wondering if any of you who use virtual assistants can help me out by recommending affordable ways that my VA in the Philippines can make calls to the U.S. on my behalf? I am wondering if I should set her up with some kind of VOIP service, Skype, or something else. What has worked for you?

How can google voice be used? I am trying to set it up now. The virtual assistant still needs a cell phone right? Then the VA would use my Google Voice number to make the calls?

I realize that outsourcing, cheap labor, hands off systems,scaling, yada yada are all the rage these days, but......when trying to deal with potential sellers, you think having someone obviously from another country doing your calling is the way to go?

@Wayne Brooks you bring up a good point and I agree that it probably isn't the best way to go. I am more interested in having a VA make calls to garage sale listings and all sorts of other tasks that I can pass off that require the use of a phone.

Looks like Google Voice isn't an option because they don't have it in Canada, let alone overseas. 

I wanted to reoppen this post as i am dealing with the same situation.

What is the best way for my Philippine admins to make and receive calls?

@Cal Ewing where you able to figure out a good solution?

If anyone is interested, I'm looking for some part time work as a virtual assistant to learn the business and make a little side income. I am a young motivated professional who lives in the DC metro area. I currently have a full time job that I enjoy but I'm looking for a side hustle to pay off my student loans faster. I was a philosophy major, and I was told "you can do anything you want"! Trying to make it work. :) I can send my resume, and any other info you might like to know!

@Cal Ewing I would recommend Twilio over google voice as there system is pretty nifty I use infusionsoft and with Mac ants and Twilio so every call I make also can get recorded if I wish to get it recorded. It also gets stored in the contact folder of the person as well and can add notes.
I’m interested to know how you use google voice for virtual assistants in the Philippines to make calls. 
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@Cal Ewing I use google voice without any issues. If anyone is interested ask me how, I’ll explain step by step on how to set it up !!

Reading through this and would like a few recommendations on where to go to find VA's? I work for a property management company and we're considering using a VA to answer calls from the somewhat automated texting system we have. Where do I go to find good, reliable VA's?

I'm looking into this now and Grasshopper seems to say that you are required to be in the US for it to work.  What was your workaround or am I missing something?

Originally posted by @Cal Ewing :

Thanks for the feedback.  I actually ended up using grasshopper for both my staff and VAs. 

@Syed Lateef any of the VOIP services like Skype or Google Voice would be an easy and affordable way for someone in Philippines to make calls into USA. A few links on those below.

As mentioned above, you could certainly setup a Twilio integration that allows a customer workflow integration, but that may be beyond most people’s expertise out of the gate.

The skype number worked for me and my virtual assistant. I simply instructed her on how to purchase a Skype number, connected that number to the Mojo dialer, and she has successfully made calls from the Philippines.