What CRM do you use?

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Hi just wondering what CRM people are using and what they like/dislike.

Looking for something that:

1) I can add a new contact from my mobile device -- so they have an app (android)

2) I can add my own data fields

Would love some recommendations.


Podio is the big one around here. I personally use it and love it  

1) They have an app. Not sure about adding a contact from your mobile device. But it's easy saving a contact on Podio to your cell. 

2) Podio is highly customizable. You can have multiple workspaces with multiple apps all with their own datafields. And they have a lot of neat ones like address that will auto populate as you type. I'd look up Podio for real estate and see how other people use it and make sure it will fit your needs. 

Hi @Patti L. ,

Just to follow up on @Major Robertson comments. Podio is the very popular for investors, because it can be adjusted to match your existing business processes and scale as your business does. It was a bit easier and less expensive to get into Podio before they purchased Globiflow, since you did not have to purchase the higher level or Podio to get the automation most need. Now it is all one for new users and requires a much larger monthly dollar commitment than before.

If you get into Podio you will also want to use Zapier, because then you can do about anything you want with Podio. For example you could have Zapier take every contact you add to you Google contacts and create them in Podio.

We are big fans of Podio and have a whole tech team who handles this for our investors, so if we can help just let us know.

Thanks @Robert Syfert ! I have used Zapier for other things and it's the bomb. I'll be checking out Podio for sure.

@Robert Syfert I absolutely LOVE Zapier and all the magical things it can do. Going to look into Podio!

@Patti L. @Greg Horn

Let me know if you need help setting Podio up. I have helped a lot of people get started because there is a learning curve setting up the individual apps. It takes some time but it's worth it. Greg - what CRM are you using with Zapier now?

my company gives us Top Producer at a discount and even though I just got started it appears to be a very robust program and integrates well with our lead generation app Five Street

I have a free trial with IXACT and the setup seems so time consuming I have not fully embraced it yet. The best CRM is the one you will actually use, which in my case so far isn't working out so well. Lots of agents I know use Top Producer, I've been thinking about giving it a try. Their interface seems less complicated compared to IXACT.

@Tim Herndon I don't currently use a CRM yet. I've used Zapier for Zaps connecting Google Sheets and Eventbrite, Google Sheets with Callfireand a couple others. I've hardly scratched the surface, but am excited to Zap more things into autopilot!

I use rentigo (www.rentigo.com) for property management 


  1. Easy
  2. Free
  3. Collect rent online 
  4. Lets me select that tenants pay processing fee 
  5. Great mobile app
  6. Live customer support


  1.  I wanted to manage for someone else but can't separate
  2. No connection to accounting software (yet - customer rep said soon) 

We wrote our own.  We still do integrations with whomever, but for our operational work-flow, we built our own from the ground up and so far it's been an excellent decision.

My buyers respond well to the ixactcontact CRM that I use. I have used it since the early part of March 2015. They have great monthly newsletters templates and its very user friendly. Not techie at all and that's what I like.

Read this article on CRM Software Reviews

I use Kunversion for my buyers and sellers.  It is predictive and emails and texts people for me.  They also have a great app that allows you to do everything that the site does as well.  

@Robert Syfert wow!

I'll give you the vote and thanks for being first in this thread to mention Zapier.  I've finally decided to quit using excel for my contacts and integrate more with my podio and was about to start going contact by contact and quickly searched BP, saw this thread and went to the Zapier website. Signed up and 10min later I'm setup with the simple workflow and can just edit all my google contacts and get them to flow right in!  Simple and Free. Righteous!!!!

Hi All, I'm searching for a CRM and signed up for the free version of Podio to experiment with it. My initial impression is that it is so wide open I'm having trouble understanding where to get started with creating and configuring apps. I am a new investor and don't have experience using a CRM. Does anyone know if there are any "getting started" templates or basic initial setup diagrams one could refer to? Thanks in advance for any info you can share to help me get started!

Updated over 2 years ago

I believe I hadn't sufficiently explored Podio prior to posting this. I somehow missed the Demo Workspace which has the samples I need. For people new to Podio, check out that Demo Workspace with sample apps and sample data - it is a good place to learn the capabilities of the CRM.

Anyone using Daylite? It is a great CRM to use with Apple devices. I Installed the Real Estate module and it keeps our entire team in sync. Very robust, cloud based product. Unfortunately not free to use.

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