Podio / Globiflow PDF Autofill question

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Hi all,

I am setting up a Globiflow to pull data from two Podio apps, "Project" and "Contact" and autofill a PDF contract in a third app, "Deal." I have a question about pulling that data correctly. Is there anybody using a similar system who could help me?

I'd be glad to help. I hack Podio with Zapier as I don't want to pay the significant amount it costs just to get globiflow. But I bet I could figure it out. Feel free to post more details.

Hi @Scott Scharl ,

This is very straight forward to do in Globiflow. You would use the Get Referenced option to pull the data from the other apps and then use the create PDF option. If you get stuck let me know and I can connect you with my lead programmer who can talk you through it.

@Robert Syfert Robert, Is the programmer on your staff or for hire? I am looking for someone to help get my systems up and running in Podio


Programming consultant here, generally querying data *should* be one of the easier parts of any system. I'd be surprised if they didn't have an extensive section about doing that in their documentation.

@Scott Scharl Theres a group on Facebook: REI Automation Squad - Podio with some wicked smart folks on it. Lots of Globiflow issues solved

Hi @Bo McMahon , we have a full time tech team that works for us. We offer Podio services under our company umbrella, so if you would like to learn more PM me and we can setup a time to talk.

For the globiflow account, can I buy it separately with $9 dollars as mentioned in youtube? I checked the globiflow website it said that is included in podio premium account. I can't figure out how I can buy it seperately from podio account. Anyone have any idea?

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