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Hello Everyone!

Like some tips, hints, advice, best practice, recommendations:

1)I would like to get more phone numbers for my phone so I don't give out my personal number

2)I'm looking to 'get/buy' a 1-800 number and wanted to get feedback from everyone on how to do this, recommended service provides

3) Answering services that are great and inexpensive.

4)Any other neat apps, advice, etc.


I used RingCentral for almost a year when I was selling Arbonne. It worked great but I discontinued with them because I'm no longer as active with Arbonne so I don't need it.

@Luke H. my experience in using numbers that get the higher response rate is to use something local. Think about it...would a local person be more willing to dial a 1-800 number or local number. 

People will respond more to someone who they think is local from what I've seen over my 15 plus years of investing. But then again it's a judgment call where you still can't go wrong. 

@Luke H. Hello there, 

I had just happened to ask a question similar to this in another investor group. I was told to checkout CallRail. This is a iPhone app and I do not know if they have it for Android phones. I was looking for a number I could transfer from answering service to answering service until I found a service I liked and still be able to keep one number. I also wanted something that would allow me to record phone calls both inbound and outbound. In Texas only one person(not both) has to be aware that a phone call is being recorded. Please check with your state to see what the legal requirements are.

This app also allows export and save the conversations to a file on your computer. I like this feature because if a seller or I miss understand something from a conversation I just need to refer back to the recording on what was actually said. It also can help my case in court should I ever be sued for something.

I was also told you are able to get local numbers and the app allows you to have up to 14 numbers (I think). I was also told by people that use it, say they use a different number for the different types of marketing campaigns so they can better test their marketing. I was also told you get all this with their basic subscription fee and if you decide to end your subscription you can take your number with you.

I was just told about this today so I still need to check it out myself but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Good Luck,