What 'services' are my Domain using?

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I have a website on Investor carrot and our email services on Yahoo. We now wish to switch from Yahoo to Google with our email but keep our website on Carrot.

I was talking with the service rep on Yahoo before I realized that I'm not sure exactly what services are where. But BEFORE I can even determine whose managing what services, I need to know WHAT those services actually are. Is this a complete list? Once I identify all of the services I can make sure I understand who has what and then communicate with the appropriate party as to what will be changed and how it will affect the other services, namely the website.

So I'm hoping the BP techies will help me out on this (what should be a) short list of what services our domain is using:

Email: Yahoo

Wed Hosting: Carrot

Domain Services: Yahoo?

DNS: ? 

FTP: ?

Are there any others? Thanks in advance.

I have not used investor carrot but in general a good web host can do everything you need. Using Google for business email is great and is totally independent of anything related to hosting. Once your website is live then you can setup your Google email. Forget about DNS and FTP - those are more like functionality/technical features that the host will get all squared away.

First figure out where your domain is registered -- this is likely who you pay to renew your domain name registration every so often.

You can change MX (mail) settings with your registrar and host your email elsewhere -- it takes about a day to complete the process because of how changes to such settings work. This can be done without affecting web hosting, ftp, etc.

Your domain host has nothing to do with the other questions.   Your email service has nothing to do with OnCarrot, your domain (website address) simply points (redirects) to your OnCarrot site.

Go to whois.com type in your domain (website address) and click search, on next page it will say unavailable or taken, click on "who is" next to it.  All the info you need should be right there.

@Ibrahim Hughes I just re-read your post and if all you're doing is switching from an @yahoo.com email address to an @gmail.com email address, you don't need to do anything relating to your domain or DNS settings.

My response regarding MX settings would not apply if you are using a third party email provider such as gmail rather than email on your own domain.

@Ibrahim Hughes the fellas above are correct in that there's nothing on our end here at Carrot that needs changed, it's on the domain side of things depending on what you're wanting to do w/ your email. 

Usually godaddy and places like that offer email services, OR we just use Google mail for business... and have our mx records point over to google to handle our email. 

Reach out if we can help you with anything man! 

We've got ya :-)