2nd or multiple phone line for my REI business

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Recommendations for a good, reliable and low cost 2nd/multiple phone line app or service to incorporate into my REI business.

@Jeromy Boutte

I recently started using Google Voice and I love it. I have a separate phone number for my real estate investing business that is fully accessible from my mobile phone. It is free for now and gives me a little privacy. I also used Google G Suite for domain name email services. It has a very professional look compared to a regular @gmail.com email. 

@Anthony Gayden. Thanks for your input Anthony. I’ve heard mix reviews about Google Voice, so I thought I’d see what else was out there. Glad to hear your positive feed back on it.

@Jeromy Boutte

I use goole voice as well. You can have 2 GV numbers + your cell number.  You can configure  both of those numbers to call your cell, or go straight to voice mail and can set up hours when the calls will go through or go to your voice mail. 

I was able to configure my cell number voice mails to go to GV voicemails which is very nice. You can have your voice mail come to your email inbox with an audio fail and typed text as well. 

So I have my cell phone number for personal use, one google voice for my real estate business (agent and landlord) and the second GV for leads from direct marketing.

@Yuriy Skripnichenko , thanks for the information.  Are you only allowed 2 numbers with GV plus your cell number?  I was wanting multiple numbers as a means of tracking each marketing piece.

@Jeromy Boutte

You can have 2 numbers per land line or a cellphone number.  You can get more GV numbers but will need to forward them to different cellphone/land line.  All this is free. If you don't mind spend some money you can find a lot of VoIP services where you can get unlimited lines 

@Yuriy Skripnichenko , again, thank you for the information, I really appreciate it.  I’m looking at a couple of VoIP services because of the  multiple numbers they offer, they are a little pricey, but their services may warrant the extra cost.

@Jeromy Boutte

I was wandering if you finished your research for the VoIP services and what solution do you use now? 

Hi  Yuriy!

I'm currently just using Goole Voice for the moment.  I've looked into several and I've narrowed it down to Callrail and Ring Central, I'm leaning towards Callrail.

@Jeromy Boutte

I use grasshopper, it works great and it's inexpensive. Pairs right to your personal # and you can customize how you want to set it up.

@Yuriy Skripnichenko I was planning to do exactly what you are doing. My only problem has been that Google Voice doesn't have any local numbers for my area code left. Any ideas how I could get a number through another service (free if possible) and then set it up to work through GV? 

Thanks for your help in this!

@Justin Koehn

I 'm using GV numbers only and do not know of other free service. GV has plenty of different area codes that are local to greater Philadelphia area so I did not have this issue.  Keep this updated if you find another free service. 

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